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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have fish! ...And a schoolbus?

So i'm back from vacation (yayy!) and i was playing around on blogger today when i discovered that you can put goldfish at the bottom of your blog! I'm just lame enough that this excites me beyond measure. So take a short trip to the bottom of my blog and play with/feed my beautiful fish!

Ok so back to more important things. Took a vacation with my entire family this weekend. Utterly horrendous. I've now reached the point of being so grotesquely overweight that i'm even embarrassed to be around my family in a bathing suit. It was like torture for me to even take off my t-shirt in 90+ degree weather. Worse, I was forced to look at my sister the entire trip, who has the body of a goddess, and know that my family (especially my mother) was probably comparing us the whole time thinking "wow...frenzy has really packed on the pounds." Even worse yet, as dreadful as I felt, the worst part is that, as i mentioned earlier, my family loves huge meals when were on vacation. I had a HUGE and fattening breakfast every morning, lunch and candy/snacks constantly during the day, and another HUGE fattening dinner every night. So as fat as I felt, I just made myself fatter. Oh the irony.

Today though, I havent consumed a single calorie and I vow that it is going to stay that way until around 9 o'clock tonight when I get home from practice. Hell, if i make it that long though, I might as well just make the day a complete fast, right? Maybe. If i'm strong enough...which I probably won't be.

Got some nice tan lines though. Not that I'll want to actually show them to anyone anytime soon, what with the massive layer of fat they encompass. But the weather was nice. Another plus.

.....And there is a huge yellow schoolbus parked in my neighbors driveway. ...Not really sure why it's there. This should be interesting. Kinda want to ask what thats all about....but then again, no. I'll just keep imagining myself sneaking over in the middle of the night and taking the bus for a joyride, how fun would that be?! Ok, so lame. So sorry. Hope you wonderful readers are doing well, let me know what you've been up to!

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