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Friday, May 28, 2010

Ok so I promised to tell you all about my visit to CJ's last weekend. It was so great to see CJ again...i miss her more than words could probably say. I have to say though, it was less eventful than I thought it would be, but still, Drunken Mistake--who I will now deem DM since the name seems to be more fitting everyday--made sure to fill it with as much of his annoying drama as he he could. Before I even left my house, DM was already texting me, wanting to know exactly what time I was gonna get there and see him, etc. Annoying as shit. When I first got to CJ's, we went out to a party, where DM was. Like i've said before, DM thinks that we're soulmates or some pathetic shit. Absolutely false. Anyway, I wanted this weekend to make it clear to him that he was way off, and that there was absolutely NOTHING between us, so that he would stop annoying me by texting me every 5 seconds. When we get there, CJ starts laughing and points to DM sitting with some nasty girl, hooking up in front of everyone. Good, my excuse would be easier than I thought, right? CJ is introducing me to all of her friends, and when we get over to where he is, DM shakes my hand and says "nice to meet you" if he doesn't want his new skank to find out he knows me? Lame. So then I'm going around talking to all of CJ's friends, and he comes over and starts talking to me. I act pretty uninterested, I have to admit, but I wanted him to get the point.

I should know...boys never get the point.

He picks up that I don't really want to be around him, and this apparently really bothers him, but THEN he does the lamest, most pathetic thing I think I have ever witnessed a grown man do. He starts texting me. WHILE IM 5 FEET AWAY!! Really?! really. Save yourself some pity and just come talk to me. His texts basically say how he's worried that he's pissed me off because he was with another girl and blah blah blah blah. I respond with a series of texts that basically say "do you really think I care who you hook up with? I barely know you. It's not big deal, really."

We go back to his house later for an afterparty and start drinking like crazy...At this point i think the night is going pretty well because we're laughing, all having a good time, and he can see that i'm not pissed at him, i'm just not interested. Well when we all go to sleep, I insist on sleeping in the couch (because if i didn't, that would force me to sleep with DM in his bed, which is clearly not gonna happen) DM is wasted off his ass at this point and texts me something along the lines of "are you awake? come in my room and sleep with me." yeah right. I throw my phone on the ground and go to sleep. The next morning I wake up, we all go out to eat, hang out a little bit more, then I drive home. by the time I get home, I already have texts from him apologizing for everything and wondering if i'm pissed at him because he hooked up with that other girl and on and on and on and on and on. HE IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING. After about 30 some odd texts assuring him that I don't give a damn and that if he thought i was quiet that night or whatever, it wasn't because of him...I give up and just stop responding.

So that was my weekend at CJ's in a nutshell. Drama. boy drama. I'LL SAY IT AGAIN: PATHETIC. I hate dealing with not worth the time.

On another note, i'm going on vacation this weekend with my family. Should be pretty boring, so nothing good to write about, but it will be very relaxing. really looking forward to that. I'm still on my "dinner only" diet, which is working great..i've lost 2 pounds so far! But i know this weekend is gonna screw that all up because when I go on vacation with my family, we eat a HUGE meal 3 times a day, together. My grandma fixes a huge country breakfast every morning, and if I skip even a single meal, it would be very noticeable. These are the very very few times when I wish I could purge in some way...but i've just never been able to do that and don't want to get stuck in that lifestyle....more to hide. Anyway, should be a lot of fun, but I wont have internet again until tuesday...I wish all you guys the best of luck, and I want to say hello and thanks to the new followers! I hope you enjoy my uneventful life! stay strong!

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