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Monday, June 21, 2010

Bonjour mes amours :/

So...I know I promised to put up the decision about france today. I talked with the family last night through skype and they got to meet my parents and went well, and we had a ton of things to consider legally, financially, personally, etc. It was such an agonizing that will change my life forever. Well, I've decided after much thought and consideration that $24,000 and a 4 year job contract is so much to pass up. And I would be leaving my family and friends for a full year and dropping out of school, delaying my graduation date by a full year and everything...I just can't do it this year. :(


Hahaha I tricked you all! After talking with the family, we all decided that this year was just too short notice, so the family offered the reserve the job for me next year instead, and I took it! I know i'm passing up a lot of scholarship money, but I can't let my absolute dream pass me up. there will always be school, and there will always be a need for nurses, but there won't always be a year in Paris. I'm SOOOOO excited, I can't even tell you all. Less than an hour after I decided to go, my whole family came out to our house to celebrate fathers day. No one in my family knew anything about this, so as they all walked in a got to say "I have some exciting news....I'm moving to Paris for a year!" haha it was so funny to just see their mouths drop open as they took that in. they're all very excited for me though, especially my aunt who is already planning shopping trips :)

I just can't believe it. If you've read my post that has my bucket list, you know that living in Europe and becoming fluent in another language are two very important things on my list that I plan to do before I die. Everyone who knows me is well aware of my passion for europe and other languages, but so many people always kinda laughed when I told them that I wanted to move to Europe and learn another language, because they always thought it was such a far-fetched impossible dream. Well, to all those people, I'll be sure to write you a postcard in french when I'm there! haha not only am I doing it, but i'm gonna do it before I'm even out of college! Go me!! :D

ok well I have to go, i have a swim meet today that i have to get ready for. I love you all, and thank you for all the support and advice you gave me about this decision, you really did influence me!

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    so um... shopping trip with me?? lol I need to meet your aunt so we can plan this out hahaha jk

    Im so glad it worked out this way :] You're doing something that most people will only dream of being able to do.

    AHHHH! Im so jealous! haha now you have that much more time to learn the language better and prepare :] :] :]

    Good luck at your swim meet!!! I know you'll do excellent :]

    Lilah =)