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Friday, April 9, 2010

IM BACK.....again.

ok so i apparently really like to go through these stages when i dont post to this blog at all, but i always come back to you all! I LOVE to read about your alls lives and get inspiration, plus its so entertaining!

so last week, at 10 pm, my friend came running up the stairs, and asked me to go with her to a party at her house. no big deal. oh yeah, did i mention that she lives 3 hours away?! so being the pretty spontaneous person i am, i jump in the car, drive 120 mph, and make it there in an hour and a half. FUCK YEAH! it was pretty awesome, got drunk, no big surprise there, and made out with another big surprise there either. oh fuck me, i love parties.

also, crossed another thing off my bucket list and got a penpal in another country! SO FREAKIN AWESOME. i love other cultures, ANNNNDDD there is a small but distinct possibility that i could go LIVE IN PARIS, FOR AN ENTIRE FUCKING YEAR!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!! im praying so hard that i get to do that this summer, ill keep you all updated. je t'aime!