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Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh. My. God.

I'm speechless right now. I can't even accurately put into words what I want to say. I'm so excited. OMG. Lilah Lee, you especially will like this considering we've been talking about taking a trip to France/learning french. Ok so if anyone remembers, I made a few short mentions about the possibility of me going to live in France. Well the reason that this is a possibility is because a few months ago a family friend told us about a friend of hers who lives in Paris and was looking for an american to come live with them in France for a year and help to teach their children english. Well naturally, this is my absolute DREAM so I told her that I would definitely be interested, but there were many more people interested above I never thought that I would get an offer. Well as school started to wind down, more people turned down the job, until it got to me! Well I emailed the lady in France and asked her for more information, and I got back an email that basically said "i'll be getting in touch with you shortly." Well that was around a month and a half ago and I never heard anything else so I basically gave up on the idea. WELLLL as I was fighting another phase of insomnia last night, I just happened to check my email, and I got another email from the lady! AND THEY WANT ME BAD! They have 2 kids, and I would be babysitting them for about 4 hours a day. They would also be paying me about $90 a week, which is pretty damn good for me! BUT HERES THE BEST PART

They live right in the heart of walking distance from the eiffel tower! She said that they didn't have room for me in their apartment, but her parents live only 10 minutes away, and they have a one bedroom apartment available in their building that I could have....AND IT OVERLOOKS THE EIFFEL TOWER!!!


I'm so FREAKING excited! My parents are still not sure about the whole thing, and it would take a TON of work to put off school for a year and scholarships and everything, and I've only gotten to French 102 in school, but how AMAZING would that be?! I would LIVE IN FREAKING PARIS, FRANCE FROM SEPTEMBER TO JUNE! GAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please keep your fingers crossed for me. European culture/languages is seriously a passion of mine, and this is my absolute dream job!

Ok so I stepped on the scale today...still 144. No loss, but no gain either so i'll take it. I mean seriously nothing could put me in a bad mood right now. Also, Lilah...your rocks are so freakin cute! And i'm so honored to have my own beautiful rock! haha what an awesome idea and a great way to stay motivated. I wish I was that creative! Ok so I can't let you all down, I promise I'm gonna work my ass of this week and start losing some major weight! Plus, I have to start getting in shape before september so I can fit into those gorgeous french dresses! *screams* ok I'm gonna go finish hyperventilating now! Love you guys!


  1. LOL! you crack me up! That is such an AMAZING opportunity!! I am soooo jealous, last night I seriously stayed up and was uploading pics from France back when I went in 5th grade lol and looking online... and then I just started trying to learn french! haha But on some real shit. If you do this. I am visiting. Like you have no choice. I WILL BE visiting lol haha jkjk but seriously though... haha

    And my weight was the same well, lowest i've got but equal to 2 other days, so i'm not complaining either! :]

    And glad you like the rock! hahaha :]

    Im way tooo excited for you, you don't even know!

    <3 Lilah

  2. WOW! what an opportunity!!
    Gooo Gooo Gooo!! ;)

    I was soooo excited reading through your blog today thats just AWESOME! :D
    I'm sooo happy for you brillient!

    and you didn't gain so thats all cool too!
    I agree those rocks are ACE!
    Love you both
    (clicks off smiling)

    FAB DAY all round :)
    loadsa love
    Wilted~Rose ♥

  3. Wow, that would be awesome! I hope that everything works out for you so that you get to go!