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Thursday, June 24, 2010

insert exciting post title here.

so like i said, life has been pretty boring lately. Or maybe it hasn't, but after the whole Paris fiasco (I just love that word!) I don't think anything will be able to live up to that excitement for quite a while, so maybe returning to normal life where I don't have to worry about deciding to move to another country for a year just seems EXTRA boring now. So i'll bore you all with my random useless thoughts yet again.

1) As soon as I added my awesome background to my blog, my old posting editing thing (i have no earthly clue what else to call it) completely disappeared. Like I can't make things in italics anymore, change the colors or the size. wtf? i miss it. it at least made my blog LOOK exciting. And im kinda sick of using caps to empahsize words. it looks like i just like to yell random words in the middle of my thoughts haha ANYWAY does anyone know why this happened or how to fix it without getting rid of my layout?

2) So since i am actually moving to paris next year, i've been looking at buying a video camera to send some cute little vids back to my my plan is to show them views from my appartment, from the eiffel tower, take it out and show them my new friends, know, the things you can't really do with skype. So I was looking at buying one of those little flip video cameras for $130. I'll be honest, I don't know why the flip is supposed to be that great, but it just seems like everyone has one, so i figured thats what I would go with. Does anyone have one/like it? Ok but heres my delimma...I went to the phone store with my sister today and this guy was showing us the new iphone. It's pretty freakin awesome. It's $200, which is only $50 more than the older iphone...and it's a lot better. It also can shoot awesome video and you can edit it right there...and I can download some awesome apps that could really help me out in Paris. The problem is, I would have to pay $20 a month for the internet service. And i'm not sure how much video it can hold. So should I keep my old phone and get a flip, or break down, spend more money that i don't really have, and get an iphone? I'm so bad with decisions.

3) I need a new scale. Badly. Mine has been weighing me anywhere from 140-144 these last couple days. So inconsistent. But I'm afraid to get an actual ACCURATE scale and see what I truely weigh. lol you know, ignorance is bliss :)

Ok, like I said, I'm boring as shit lately. I don't even have anything to report about my's a damn weightloss blog for pete's sake! Jeeze. Well, I hope my life gets more interesting. Thank you to all my followers for actually somehow caring about my boring life. Love you guys.

Oh, and i'm not being negative about all this, just want my blog to be interesting again. Still staying positive about the weightloss thing! I mean, this morning I actually looked in the mirror and basically LIKED what I saw. DID YOU HEAR ME?! LIKEDDDDDDD what i saw in the mirror! *gasp* and i'm only 8 lbs down (well, according to my piece of shit scale haha) buttt just imagine how happy we'll be when we reach our goal! keep losing girls!


  1. Im sooo glad you're happy :] :] :]
    Can't wait to see the amazing vids.
    And I still love reading your blog, even if it's not about weight loss lol

    Hope you get more excitement back in your life!! i'm hoping the same for mine! haha

    Love you

  2. YES I'LL DO IT SUNDAY!!! :D :D :D Im going to try and do it all sat and sunday :] :] :] I totally understand the swimming thing though, after swimming a whole practice/meet you are starved.
    But FOR SURE Sunday :D :D AHHH Im pumped :] ;]

    So what do you want hte guidelines to be? like water, sports drinks, juice, my diet shake thing of course for me. lol
    IDK! I've never actually done this before hahaha

  3. That sounds perfect :] :] :] Tomorrow i'll so my whole diet shake thing all day or whatever, and then when we start on Sat at midnight Ill stick to water/milk/juice/gato?!? Sound good? AHHH! Im so pumped we're doing this together!!!! I think ill make another post asking if anyone else wants to join!! How long do you want to do it for?? I mean.. I'm not talking really long lol. Just for sunday?