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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just some more daily thoughts

Got back on the scale today. 145. Thats one pound up than what is was a few days ago, but like i've said, I'm on day 3 of my period, so of course I'm really bloated. I simply can NOT wait until my period is over and I can weigh myself then, because i know that I will have dropped some massive weight. So. Freaking. EXCITED! Maybe this is all in my head, but i swear I can see a difference in my body. Not a huge one, but it seems like in the past 2 weeks or so i've really started to be able to see my abs more, which is a huge plus. I don't know if I'm imagining this or not, but hey, if i'm waking up in the morning and actually beginning to like what I see in the mirror, then i dont care if i gain 20 long as i'm comfortable with myself.

Like I said yesterday...Wilted Rose and Lilah Lee are hands down the most incredible girls in the world. I'm so grateful to both of you for the shoutouts, so i'm doing the same thing. Everyone should check out the links to their blogs on the side of my page. Go read and fall in love with them too! Trust me, you won't regret it.

By the way, WR and Lilah..I saw you guys mention putting pictures up...i've been tempted to do the same thing lately. I think it could be inspirational to myself and to others, but i'm still afraid of putting pictures of me up and getting caught. Of course, if anyone I knew was to read this, i'm sure it would be BLATANTLY obvious that they know me, but still...putting up pictures is a huge risk. Maybe if I could make a post that only my followers could see? Is that possible...does anyone know how to do that? Maybe then I would do it. Hmmm.....

In other news, my sister is back in town for the summer. I'm currently grinning from ear to ear. I absolutely love my sissy. I've missed her. :) Oh and I FINALLY got a good nights sleep last night. I actually feel more tired today though than the past two days. Doesn't that always seem to happen...the more sleep you get the more tired you feel? Weird how that happens. Hmm...i feel like I have more things to write about, but I just can't think of them right be prepared for possible more posts/updates later today!


  1. YEAH!! i'm so glad you're liking what you see in the mirror :D :D :D im slowly likeing what I see more and more too :] I even laid out side today so the tan will boost my confidence too hahaha

    I put a few pics of me up in past posts, I guess i'm just not too worried if people find me since 1.) Im in college now so it's not like it would spread around high school lol.
    2.) im only heavily restricting, not starving my self too much or purging so it wouldnt be too horrible I guess. But I do see your worry, I wonder if you can do a followers only post???

    Well keep up this amazing attitude you have!! You're passing it on to all your readers which is awesome :]

    Loveeee. Lilah! :D

  2. I'm glad you finally got some sleep :)
    Yeah I was wondering the same thing? hummm... I was worried about someone seeing me but well Like my lovely Lilah Lee said up there
    (waves up the page) l.o.l
    Anyone on here is here for obvo the same reason so Im thinking of just doing it! even if its just for one day or something?
    Keep going girls
    Luuurvv you both
    Wilted~Rose x

  3. I will definitely let you know if I'm ever in your area! i've driven through KY a couple times, once to Nashville, and another when we went to Panama City. It's Beautiful from what I saw though!

    And yea..I keep re-reading that post of mine and cracking up at how bad the typing is lol, I seriously thought I was doing semi okay, I'm suprise you could read it!.. hahaha but yea, awkward/rough night...(in my head at least lol, but still fun:] )

    And thanks for the encouraging words!! :] it's funny, I actually always wear the ring and necklace Brad gave me on different birthdays (well I usually always do) But just so I can look at it while i'm drinking and not be stupid haha.

    And French sounds good :] I just have no real grammer lessons so it will be a little tough to learn but i'm down! Since I'll be 19 in like a month then I can go use it in bars in Canada haha (since i'm only 1.5 hours aways haha)
    But for real... Not even joking. I know this would be like going out on a whim... But If I can save Money I would seriously love to go with you next summer or eventually lol. I've been wanting to go back for sooo long and if we go to where I stayed in 5th grade i would actually have connects at a few house where we could stay for free for like a few nights each ( i'm not sure what your plans are or if your going with fam, friends or what haha, but just putting it out there haha)
    It's in a REALLY small BEAUTIFUL town called Lauris,in Southern France about an hour away from the Mediterranean Sea. Flying into Paris would be awesome to stay there for a while and then either flying to Marseilles, and a bus to Lauris, Or even possibly riding the Metro...
    Haha sorry I have thought about this too much already. But yeah!

    <3 <3 Lilah