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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I've really been committed to this lately. I think after all this time of trying to figure out what works for me, I've finally found it. I've decided that I don't need to fast all day to lose weight, I CAN eat during the day, and not feel so guilty about it as long as I still watch how many calories im taking in and make healthy choices. And of course, exercise. Always exercise. Thank you to Wilted Rose and Lilah Lee for helping me realize that staying positive and making good choices is the best path to take; I just found and started following your blogs recently, but I was instantly hooked to both of them and you ladies don't know what an inspiration you've been to me, so thank you! And if anyone else is on here reading, you should totally go check out their blogs and get yourself hooked also!

Been doing really well lately. BY everything that I can figure, I estimate (and trust me, this is a COMPLETE estimation, because it is impossible to figure this out exactly) I've burned about 400-500 more calories than i've eaten today. Exercising like crazy. Yay me :)

Still haven't been able to sleep lately though. Have absolutely no idea why. It's just like my body just all the sudden decided to reject sleep. I told you I only slept for 2 hours on monday night, well I came home exhausted last night, went to bed at 11 and fell right asleep, but still only managed to get in about 4 hours of sleep. So that brings me to a total of 6 hours of sleep in the past 2 days, despite the fact that i'm working and practicing twice a day, running a mile each day, i'm on my period, and not eating a lot of food. Doesn't really make sense at all, but hey, I'll take it. Whatever. You would also think that I would be tired when I come home from my first practice and take a nap. Nope, not even the least. Today I came home after morning practice and cleaned. I hate cleaning, and yet I cleaned the entire to the point where I was at one point literally down on my hands and knees scrubbing dirt and dust off the baseboards. WTF. Crazy.

Anyway, I didn't weigh in today. I try to fight the urge and just weigh myself every few days so that I see a more definite i'll let you know in a couple days if i've lost any. :)

Hope you ladies are doing well and reaching your goals.


  1. I'm SOOO SOOO SOOO proud of you!! This whole post shows how strong of a person you are!! And also I'm sooooo glad I could help you out :) I used to live my life being very self conscious and anxious all the time when one day I woke up and just realized that if we sit around all day worrying and bring depressed that our whole time on earth was basically wasted! So I'm very happy your staying positive!! And swimming twice a day still is awesomeee, when I used to swim that much I used to burn like 2000 cals I think so you may be burning even more than you think!! But with exercising so much always rember to keep your fluids up and you truely do need food when exercising that much. What I would do a lot of when I swam was eat things like 100 cal granola bars and just chew them really slowly with plenty if water. Also, fruit cups are great for on the run!! And when u have morning practice I reccommend planning out your food the daay before, that way hopefully you can sleep better at night since you won't be thinking about food as much and you won't have to worry about waking up as early if you pack it all too. I would also reccommend putting cereal in a zip lock bag and slowly eating it before practice, that way you get your carbs in for energy with out eating as many cals. Also, since you'll be more energized you will in turn be more awake at practice and actually burn more calories than you would if you didn't eat. And I would also reccommend eating something small after practice with protein in it such as a handful of nuts. Walnut are great because they have protein and omega 3 which has outstanding benifits you can look up if you want! Then something at lunch to keep you awake during the day, I used to eat a banana for potassium to give me energy, half a peanut butter and jelly, and a side of apple sauce. Possibly s little juice too but lots and lots of water . Then a small snack before practice such as another banana for energy so you'll be pumped up and will burn more cals :) I hoped my advice helped!! I took nutrition last semester and understand a few things about working oit and eating. If you have Any more question about what I used to do feel free to ask ;). Oh! And sorry this Is sooo long but I have the same sleep problem and did when I swam. I have anxiety and when I don't get enough sleep it actually can bring out an possible mental disorder and magnify it. Causing a never ending cycle of not sleeping. And funny that you mention the cleaning :D happens to me alll the time. A lot when I haven't slept or when I'm nervous before an exam or when I used to have swim meets. Also I had to sing the national anthem at home meets and was captain so I was triple freaking out haha. I'm sooo glad I found your blog! I love reading it!! Good luck this week and let me know how the swimming is going, I'm starting to swim laps again as soon as the pool I lifeguard at opens! Maybe we can exchange workout ideas??? Also, what's your favorite event??

    Much love!!!!
    Lilah =)

  2. Hey I love your blog too thank you :)
    (throws over a hug)

    I think your right in weighin in every other day its a GREAT idea I weigh in every 2 days and gives me such a buzz waiting :)

    Im going to add you to my links on my blog as you so kindly mentioned me above SWEET! :)
    Oh and you are so right Lilah Lee is one of my best buddies here shes AWESOME!
    Keep doing what your doing...your doing GREAT!
    Much love
    Wilted~Rose ♥

  3. Let me know if you got that last post. I sent it on my ipod and sometimes it doesnt go through lol

  4. Well, I was a butterflyer and IMer till I dislocated my knee senior year :/ Then I could only do free which isnt my thing....
    And I swam year round so my coach would always put me in 200 fly and 400 im lol..
    but i was pretty legit at the 200fly.
    I think my best 100 fly was around a 1:03 or 1:04? and my 200 IM was like a 2:20?
    I almost started becomeing a 500 free'er tho, and got down to like 5:45 I think? lol

    And I also got pretty good at back! I don't know what state you live in but in MI we have what's called JO's (junior olympics) which isnt really what it sounds like lol, its just the step before states lol, but me and my best friend TIED for 1st place at 1:05 i think? haha I miss it soo much. But I totally understand the staying motivated part! I had a lot of awesome friends on the team and was captain so I was always forced to stay positive and it really helped. Also I would always try and get really into timing my sets and try to beat my last set on the pace clock!! i really do miss it tho and cant wait to hop back in a pool in a week! :D
    :D :D :D