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Saturday, June 5, 2010

freaking out.

I missed work today. I honestly have no idea how. I was supposed to work this morning at 9:15, and i woke up at 9:30, got up, went outside, spent some time with my family, just like everything was perfect. Now, at 11:00, my sister says

"what? no work today?"

my stomach immediately drops. yes, work today. OF COURSE I HAVE WORK ON SATURDAY!

"well mom was going to wake you up but she didn't think your Saturday work had started yet."

of course it had started. I missed last Saturday because we were on vacation, but I don't have an excuse for today! oh my gosh I'm going to get fired. Such a failure. I don't know why it completely slipped my mind. People were there to cover for me, I know; and my boss is out of town; and most people know I'm usually not in town on the weekends so it's not unusual for me to not be there on Saturdays, but I think they all know I was here this weekend. I don't know what to do. I'm freaking out, and the stress caused me to eat a piece of pizza. At 10:30 in the morning! UGHHHH.

I'm probably overreacting, but I take my job very seriously, and I don't like to let people down or disappoint them. I feel so horrible.


  1. Just explain it to whoever is incharge when the boss isn't there, apologise and offer to cover another shift? Bad luck about the pizza. *hugs*

  2. Hey You are havn't let anyone down we have all been there esp the pizza thing lol... many times,
    Don't worry about it your not a failure your only human :)

    2moz will be a better day for you I'm sure