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Sunday, June 20, 2010


i've kinda been ignoring the whole blogging thing again. I've been worrying about this whole France thing so much that I just haven't thought about anything else, sorry. I have to give the family in Paris an answer TONIGHT and to be completely honest, i have no idea what my decision is yet. But, by tomorrow, you all will know whether i'm going to live in France or not! *screams* I have been reading all of your posts though, and I still love you beautiful ladies!

Had the house alone for the weekend. The fam went to the lake and I stayed here to babysit and work. Love the kids I babysit though, and their parents love me too! I babysat just a little over 7 hours and made an easy 100 bucks! damn! i figured it out and i basically got payed 12 dollars an hour. shit, i need to do that more often! Anyway, having the house alone has been fun, I feel more independent and it helps me see that I would be ready to live completely on my own if I were to go to Paris. Different situation, but whatever. Should have thrown a wild party while they were gone haha

anyway, I just don't feel like blogging about anything relevant at the moment. I feel like doing something different. Now don't think i'm a bitch or that I complain too much or anything, but I've just noticed these small little things that annoy me, and so i decided to make a little list of "things i believe"...kinda blue collar comedy-esque. enjoy my ranting :)

1) Boys should never write about their emotions on a facebook status. That's just homosexual.

2) No one, I repeat NO ONE should EVER "like" their own statuses on facebook. You wrote it dipshit, we all knnow that you like it.

3) No OnE oVeR tHe AgE oF 13 sHoUlD eVeR tYpE lIkE tHiS.

4) Internet slang, or "ebonics" terms should never be used or especially written. A list of examples include "lyke" "wit" "yooh" "nd" "trippin" "ur" etc. See for some classic examples. If I have to put effort into trying to crack the code of your facebook status, then you really need to go back to school. In some instances, using shortened words is alright, but adding extra letters, intentionally misspelling words, and usuing horribly incorrect grammar just makes you look like a dumbass. Dumbass.

5) No girl should ever be afraid to be seen without make-up or their hair done. yeah, it makes us all look nicer, but when you straighten your hair and put on 6 layers of foundation and eyeshadow to go to the pool, trust me, you look like a high-maitenance slut. No guy wants that. And by the way, wearing foundation that is 10 shades to dark for you during the winter does NOT make you look tan. It makes you look like a child's art project.

6) Every girl who swims competitively, or even wears a bathing suit EVER for that matter, should practice the courtesy shave. No one wants to see all that sticking out of your bathing suit, it's gross. Just trim it up down there...for all of us.

7) Everyone should be allowed to get drunk or in general just make a fool out of themselves in the name of fun every now and then without getting judged. If you're judging someone for that, you probably have never done it yourself...and therefore I am judging you instead. If it's a weekly occurance, it's different, but if it only happens occasionally, lighten up.

8)Wearing socks with sandles. Just don't do it. Enough said.

9) Shut up when you're in a movie. Seriously, if someone wanted to talk to you, they wouldn't have gone to a MOVIE!! While affairs are occuring between old lovers and terrorists are blowing up cars with rocket launchers, I don't really want to hear about how you cleaned your room yesterday or what you named your pet fish. Deal with your short attention span and at least PRETEND to be watching the movie. You're annoying as shit.

10) Number 9 really only applies to when you're in the theatre or when you and your friends have rented the newest movie and have specifically planned to watch it together. Movies while at a boys house don't count.

11) I don't care how many guys/girls you've slept with or how many times you've gotten drunk so you don't need to brag about them. Plain and simple. If it involves a good story, then that's different, but otherwise...I just don't care.

12) Every girl should splurge on bras and panties. They're the only things you wear every single day of youir life (hopefully) so they better be pretty freakin comfortable and make you feel damn sexy.

13) Thou shalt not judge another person's singing. Some of us aren't the next american idol, but nothing feels better than to belt out your favorite song, so don't deprive us of that.

14) New goggles are one of the simple joys in life. Until you put your fingers in them and accidentally wipe out all the anti-fog. All swimmers should know what I'm talking about.

15) If a story is less than a minute long, only involves you, and doesn't include phrases such as "then the cops came" "then they took their clothes off" "then i saw the pope" or "then they said 'what are you using THAT for?!'" then your "good story" probably sucks and you shouldnt be telling it. Stop teasing me with your false promises of an epic adventure.

16) Crocs never look good. I shouldn't have to elaborate on this.

17) While you're on your period, every girl should be entitled to eat whatever they want without feeling guilty and bitch about anything and everything freely. If we have to suffer through this once a month for 3/4 of our life just to prepare our bodies to gain 50 pounds and push a child out of our vagina, we should be entitled to do whatever we damn well please.

18) Parents of a child over the age of 10 and anyone under the age of "high school" shouldn't have a facebook. As you can see, a lot about facebook kinda annoys me. Middle schoolers...go to myspace. Parents of teenagers, if you're going to have one...respect your child's privacy and don't force them to be your facebook friend. You're their parent, not their friend. It's like reading their diary. That's just cruel.

19) Everyone should create a bucket list (even if it is just mentally) and try their hardest to complete everything. Life is short.

20) People should somehow have to obtain a license to have sex and reproduce. The fact that I even have to say this is just embarassing.

Okay so sorry I'm bitching...but i think we all have little beliefs like this, and it's pretty fun to actually write them down. I'm not a bitch, I promise. :) ok well i'm done for now, get excited for my next post which will probably be about Paris! Ahhhh!!!

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  1. I AGREE WITH EVERY SINGLE WORD lol I legit had crocs back in the day tho lol :]

    Wishing you luck on your decision! I know its a big one and you'll make the right choice for yourself!

    I think im going to go buy some new goggles when I get paid.... Just because you reminded me how great it feels.

    SO glad you're back... I was getting worried about you lol