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Sunday, June 13, 2010

for all those chocolate lovers out there....a.k.a everyone!

ok so this is a pretty pointless post (wow, trying saying that 10 times fast!) but i just have to share my new discovery with you all. chocolate. ice cream. 130 calories. Yes, you heard right. I've discovered god's gift to women...light chocolate ice cream bars with chocolate chips and chocolate fudge dipped in a chocolate shell of fabulousness!

heaven. absolute heaven. 130 calories isn't that much for a snack at all, and it definitely satifies that chocolatly craving we all get. Go try it. Now.

But i'll admitt, I didn't really pay attention AT ALL in nutrition class this year. It was so boring, and I had a really shitty professor. I'm thinking there has to be a catch to this. So i'm posting the nutrition facts for it on here. But, if it's that bad, honestly i'd almost rather not know...because it is just SO worth it.

Serving Size: 1 Bar Servings Per Container: 6
Calories 130
Total fat 6g
Saturated fat 4g
Trans fat 0g
Cholesterol less than 5mgmg
Sodium 45mg
Total Carbohydrates 17g
Dietary fiber 4g
Sugars 13g
Sugar Alcohol
Protein 2g
Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 6%
Iron 6%

Hmmm ok well besides that, i've done very well today. I had a little mini donut at church this morning (about 54 clas), but hey, you can't resist EVERYTHING...and i just ate one, so i don't feel so bad. Then I had a healthy choice steamer for lunch. chicken marinara, only 260 calories, and it was actually really good. Man, where has all this good tasting healthy food been all along?! But the steam burned my hand really bad when i got it out of the microwave! Boo, being healthy is painful! then i had a granola bar, which was 180 calories. then dinner. The fam went to taco bell. I'm not a huge fan, but I definitely could have gotten something there, but NOPE. Taco bell will not defeat me I say! I ate special K cereal with some fresh strawberries and blueberries instead. *pats myself on the back* Much more satisfying then those crappy tacos :) then I got another craving, had another half of a granola bar (90 cals) and just finished it all up with my ice cream--130 calories.

So total today: about 914 calories

Not bad. Not exercising today though, but not really worried. 914 is WAYYYY down from what I used to eat each day, so I should still be losing :)

Btw... HUUUGEEEEE shoutout and high five to wilted rose for her 13 pounds weight loss and lilah lee for 11 pounds! wow, you ladies just amaze me--plain and simple. Hopefully i'll be catching up to you all soon...should find out tomorrow! Stay strong and positive, I already love you all just like i've known you my whole life! So proud! I say when we all become skinny minnies and reach our goal weights, we should have some sort of celebration! Ideas?


  1. Too much chocolate for me (not a huge fan). Fudgesicles are enough for me & those usually aren't too bad, esp if you can find sugar free.

    Congrats on doing well!

  2. YESSS!!! Party when we're all skinny?? haha... we can have a modeling shoot? lol... I say we visit Wilted Rose in the UK during our French Exploration? hahaha then then but amazing European Dresses, and have dinner parties ahaha.... Oh the life haha

    AND THOSE LOOK AMAZING! i think my mouth started watering looking at that box haha... I also took nutrition this year... yeaaa loved it at first.. then didnt go to a single class the last half or read any of the online lectures... still somehow 3.0 it lol BUT it looks to be pretty healthy from my "knowledge" lol... or i just want to eat it haha.. But 4g of fiber is AWESOME!

    Good luck tomorrow!!
    Love Lilah

    PS: I legit feed your fish all the time... hahaha

  3. YUM...YUM...Nice find don't know if I can get them over here though WAAAAAAATTT! :(

    You did good still below 1000 so well done you and

    *THANK~YOU* Frenzy for all your love & support

    *YOU ROCK GIRL!* ;)

    can't wait to see how you have done your being super positive!
    Keep going with it and you will achieve your ideal skinness YAY!!!
    Loadsa love
    Wilted~Rose ♥

  4. UGH !! i want that icecream! !!
    we don't have that here.. fuck !