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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


ok so i had my swim meet last night. suprised the hell out of everyone, including myself. i've always been a pretty good swimmer, and especially on my small little summer team i've always been the best (not being cocky, i've been on the team for 13 years now and have won the high point award every year) anyway, no one expected me to be that great this year just because i'm burnt out and i hardly swam last summer and didn't swim at all this winter. whatever. Did great, got 3 first places in my individual races, four 2nd places in my relays and my 100 IM (in which i screwed up on a turn or I would have easily won) and a third? i believe in worst stroke. The best part was, last year I set a record in the 50 freestyle, and last night I was only .3 of a second off that record! ahhh i'm back bitches! hahaha

anyway I stepped on the scale today against my better judgement and it said 140! I'm really really excited cause thats another 2 pounds off, but i really let my diet go this weekend, so i don't know how i would have lost. Maybe the whole boosting my metabolism by actually eating more thing? I don't know, but i'm waiting until i see 140 again until I update my weight loss counter for sure. I'm just not very confident in this piece of crap scale I have here at the house. but whatever, it made my morning :) This post is boring. It almost puts me to sleep. Wish I had something more exciting to write about right now, but i just dont. And lilah, I agree...I want to post more pictures but I want to get some good ones first lol i'm not very photogenic at all...but i'll see what I can do! stay tuned for that I guess.

*sigh* ok well, i dont know what else to write. I need to get out of the house and do something more exciting with my life. I feel like I need to go visit CJ or something. I haven't drank since...well since I went to CJ's...and even then I didn't get drunk drunk. Don't think i'm an alcoholic or anything...i just need some good sloppy drunken fun again! You know..besides all the calories. I never drink when i'm home for the summer. I don't have that many super close friends here that do drink. I miss college. I miss the crazy parties and just havign fun at any chance for no reason whatsoever. jeeze. I am an alcoholic aren't I? ok i'm gonna stop. I need to go. Love you all!

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  1. I wish we lived closer so we could get "drunk drunk" and have "sloppy drunken fun" together :D haha

    and I think we'll both take better pics once we go back to school :] Since... we'll be doing more haha

    And I feel exactly like every word you just said haha... when I write my blogs now I feel like my joy is gone lol
    and no one really comments anymore, so Im thinkin I need to step it up a notch :] haha

    Love you :]
    Great job at your meet!
    Lilah <3