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Monday, February 8, 2010

When you have the world at your feet, where will you go first?

So lately several of my friends have been inspired by the new show "the buried life" on MTV. In case you haven't heard about the show, it's about a group of guys who make a list of the top 100 things they want to do in life, and they go off to complete all of them. For every task they complete, they help another person check one thing off of their list. I guess its basically the same thing as The Bucket List, if you've ever seen that movie.

Anyhow, reading all of their lists has inspired me as well. The world has so much to offer, why wouldn't you want to go out and experience as much of it as you can? So many people get caught up in the whole "I could never do that" mentality, and honestly, I think it is a little sad. You can achieve so much if you just put your mind to it, set goals, and actually go out and atempt to do whatever it is you dream about. I'm a big "try everything once" kind of person, and throughout my short life I've already discovered that even if you don't achive your original goal, half the fun is trying!

I think everyone should have one of these lists, and even though I've been mentally keeping track of this list over the years, it is long overdue to put it into words, and make it official. So, here is my list, my goals, my dreams, and I plan to achieve all of them before I die. I may add on to this list occasionally, but as of right now, before I die, I will:

1) Go skydiving

2) Witness a birth

3) Overcome my greatest fear and scubadive

4) Go surfing

5) Study abroad

6) Save a life

7) Fall madly in love

8) Get married

9) Have kids

10) Perform surgery

11) Live in Europe

12) Become fluent in another language, preferably Italian

13) Visit every continent, except Antarctica (I hate the cold!)

14) Road trip

15) See Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius [Check!]

16) Fly a plane

17) Fly in a fighter jet

18) Get a penpal from a foreign country [CHECK!]

19) Graduate from college

20) Graduate from medical school

21) Stand at the four corners of the US

22) Attend a presidential inauguration

23) Go streaking

24) Skinny dip

25) Go bungee jumping

26) Get a 4.0 in college [Check!]

27) Hang-glide

28) Get a tattoo

29) Be on TV

30) Meet a celebrity

31) Visit the pyramids of Giza

32) Visit Ground Zero in New York

33) Dance in front of a large audience [Check!]

34) Sing karaoke

35) Snowboard down a black diamond slope

36) White water raft [Check!]

37) Write a book

38) Give a stranger $1000

39) Share Christ with someone

40) Go on a blind date

41) Smoke pot

42) Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans

43) Dance with Ellen Degeneres

44) Run a marathon

45) Build an amazing house for my parents

46) Kiss a girl

47) Complete a triathalon

48) Attend the Olympics [Check! But I was young, so I'd like to do it again!]

49) Ride a gondala in Venice

50) Do a backflip while wakeboarding

51) Spin a globe, point to a random country, then go there

52) Learn to play the piano

53) Go on a helicopter ride

54) Ride in a hot air balloon [Check!]

55) Drive over 100 MPH [CHECK! 09/10/10]

56) Experience weightlessness

57) Go rock climbing

58) Visit the colosseum in Rome [Check!]

59) Visit the acropolis in Athens [Check!]

60) Have tea and biscuits with someone in England

61) Go to Vegas for my 21st birthday

62) Take part in "La Tomatina" in Spain

63) Go paintballing

64) Attend a red carpet party

65) Kiss a complete stranger [Check!]

66) Go on a 24 hour scavenger hunt

67) Buy a brand new sports car off of the showroom floor

68) Visit the 7 wonders of the world [1 down, 6 to go!]

69) Visit the Vatican and see the pope [Check!]

70) Visit all 50 states

71) Reach my ideal weight

72) Graduate first in my class

73) Attend a world cup soccer game

74) Make a difference in someone's life

75) Join the big brothers/Big sisters program

76) Donate blood [Check!]

77) Drive a Lamborghini

78) Visit the Eiffel Tower

79) Milk a cow

80) Play with a chimpanzee

81) Go backpacking across Europe

82) Write in a journal every day for a year

83) Witness my favorite team win a march madness basketball game!

84) Visit a strip club

85) Witness the Running of the Bulls

86) Experience New Years in Time Square

87) Inspire someone else to create a list

88) Help someone cross something off their list
89) Start a blog [Check!]
90) Get 100+ followers on said blog
91) Decorate a wedding cake
92) Sleep under the stars
93) Celebrate my 100th birthday
94) Adopt a child
95) Cook a gourmet meal for several people
96) Swim with a manatee [Check!]
97) Hold a debate with a politician
98) Tell each person in my family exactly how much they mean to me
99) Be baptised [Check!]
100) Die happy and satisfied with my life

Ok so a few of them are a little far fetched, but I don't believe that any thing on my list is impossible! Some things on my list may change over time, and I will most likely be adding onto it also, but as of right now, these are the things I will do before I die. Doing this was so inpirational, I can't wait to get started.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Let us laugh at the irony

Sitting in nutrition class currently checking updates on all of the pro-ana blogs. Oh the irony. hahaha