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Monday, July 19, 2010

weekend of madness!

I got back from CJ's today, and dear lord, did I have fun! Just like I thought I would. I swear to you all, everyone should have a best friend like CJ is to me. Whenever we're together we jsut get CRAZY and have the best times, and this weekend was no exception!

So I told you that I was going to the gay bar to see a drag show. What. An. Experience. LMAO a lot of people thought we were crazy for wanting to go see something like that, but seriously, you just have to go into it with the expectation to be entertained and you will have a great time. I don't even know what to tell you about it or how to describe it and make it sound so fun but it really was. Basically, we saw 4 drag queens come out and pretend to sing a song while they walk around and gather tips from everyone. doesn't sound that exciting, I know, but it's just being there and seeing it for yourself. They had hilarious names like "sha-freak-a jane" and "Penny Tration" <---hahah that one is my absolute fave! The gay culture just kinda fascinates me a little and i love gay guys, so it was just awesome! I have pictures of them later, I think i'll post them tomorrow with several other random pictures for you's always fun to see pictures!

The whole reason I went up to see CJ this weekend was to go to a concert with her and some of her other friends on sunday. Sunday was probably the craziest day I've had in so long...I basically stayed drunk for a solid 8 hours at least. Solid. Her parents don't care that we drink at all, so she had a few friends over and we just sat outside and drank beer all day. I know, I know, the calories. fuck it, I refuse to count liquid calories...and to me theyre pretty much worth it. I was planning on taking it pretty slow while we were pregaming for the concert, but then one of her friends suggested playing Beer Ball, and it was all downhill from there. Have you all ever heard of/played this game before? I had only seen it once before this weekend and never played it, but basically my partner and I were REALLY good at it. I'm not gonna take the time to explain the rules right now (i'll write them at the bottom of this post later) but the better you are, the more you're going to I chugged about 3 beers in 30 minutes in the hot sun with not so much on my stomach. From there, I was feeling pretty good for a while :)

Got to the concert, CJ used her fake ID to buy us both beers and mixed drinks so I was having the time of my life. and oh goodness, let me tell you, CJ's brother is possibly the hottest guy ever. And sweet. And a gentlemen. Bascially, I want to marry him. He's completely not what my type usually is at all, and hes a year younger than me (not such a huge deal) and he doesn't want to go to college right now (which IS a huge deal to me) but ughhhhhh hes perfect in every other way. I've met him twice before and only really gotten to talk to him once, but I never thought he was interested. CJ says he's a "charmer" and all the girls love him but he never dates any of them. Shit :(

We were at the concert though and I was dancing and singing at the top of my lungs and he danced with me several times (he hadn't been drinking either, he's recently decided that he wants to really obey the bible which says 'obey the law of the land' so he's committed to not drinking at all anymore until her turns 21. *swoon* how mature/cute of him) so if he was dancing with me and wanted to be around me a lot that night then....idk? maybe? I can't let myself get carried away. Plus, CJ has no idea that I even think he is cute, so I don't want to get myself too excited for when I get to see him on my next visit. I don't want things to be awkward around CJ you know?

Other than that, I don't really knnow what else to post about this weekend. It was just kinda one of those things where you have to experience it to know why it was so fun.

Apparently I've also been nominated for the blogger addict award? wow, i'm really flattered lilah, thanks so much! I don't really know what that's all about yet though, not completely anyway, so if you all could help me out with that I would be most greatful. Am I just supposed to do my 5 likes/dislikes then name 5 other bloggers I love? Would love to do that, but i'll make a separate post for it tomorrow or something, i gotta think about this ;)

I'm yawning now, I need to go to bed. Tomorrow (hopefully) i'm gonna post a ton of pictures for you allof different things (including myself) and possibly include that dreaded stomach shot? You all know i'm not one for posting pictures of myself, but I know how much I love them on other people's blogs and how inspiring they are, and that is what I want to do, I want to inspire you guys! So tomorrow I will do that again, and hopefully leave them up this time if I can work up the courage...Love you guys, stay tuned!!

Rules of Beer Ball
--4 players, divided up into teams of 2.
--Each team stands on opposite sides of the table (just like in beer pong) and each person has an UNOPENED can of beer on the corner of the table in front of them.
--One player takes a ping pong ball and throws it at an opposing player's can on the other side of the table.
--If the ball misses the can, no one drinks and it's the next player's turn to throw.
--If the ball hits the can, the thrower's partner opens their can of beer and begins to chug until the player whose can was hit has run and gotten the ball and placed it back on the table.
--once the ball is back on the table, the player has to stop drinking their beer, and the next player takes their turn throwing.
--the first team to finish both of their beers wins.

I tried to find a video but couldn't find a good one..this is bascially how it goes except they are playing with 4 cans per team instead of two and they're making both people on the team drink at the same time...

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