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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hey guys! so today, i've stuck to the plan
breakfast: cereal w/ bluberries: 175
snack: granola bar: 90
dinner: subway sandwich: 435

jeeze, so i went to subway tonight after practice to try to make a healthier choice than eating the nasty tuna casserole my mom was making, and anyways I ended up getting a 6" turkey breast with lettuce, tomato, american cheese, pickles, and mayonaise. Not so bad, the sign said a 6 inch turkey breast was only 280 cals, so i thought I should easily stay under 350 considering pickles and lettuce have 0 cals and tomatoes only have 5...well so i thought! the cheese was 40 cals, which was expected, but the mayonaise! oh the mayonaise! 110 calories alone! Jeeze! and if I would have just gotten lite mayonaise instead (which i completely forgot they even had until after it was already on my sandwich) it would have only been 50 calories! Let that be a lesson to everyone out there...always choose the light mayonaise!

haha ok, whatever, my total for today is an even 700 calories and i just came back from swim practice (which wasn't hard or anything tonight but i still burned some)so i'm feeling pretty good about the day.

So i had a question about my earlier post. (first, thanks for reading, thanks for liking the blog, and thanks for the comment :) ) and i feel that I should explain why I try not to eat before 2 pm.

My only philosophy for this is...the later I hold out on eating, the less time I have to stuff my face later. Simple as that. Like, I can say I'll only eat 700 or however many calories a day, but if I wake up at 9 am and eat immediately, i'll already be hungry again by the time noon or 1:00 comes around, so i'll have to fight back the temptaion that much longer. Like i've said before, I always eat dinner with my family to keep them from getting suspicious, so i either eat dinner at 5 before I leave for practice or around 8:30 when I get back home. So if i hold out for "breakfast" --if you will-- until 2, then i know I will still eat again soon for dinner....i dont know, it's just easier for me that way. I hope it makes sense. Oh, and i don't wait until later because i'm just not that strong yet...right now it's a challenge to even make it until 2.

It's probably worse actually, because i know that your body needs to "break the fast" when you get up in the morning, but if I eat early, then i'll feel the need for 2 or 3 snacks before lunch, then dinner, then a snack after...and eventually i just feel like my day is shot anyway so i might as well just eat whatever I damn well please. LOL

so in short, i'm just trying to eliminate a meal by combining breakfast and lunch.


sorry guys, I can get pretty longwinded sometimes, expecially when i explain stuff...i have a hard time with that. anyway i love you all, thanks for reading, stay strong, and i'm so happy i have you guys around!


  1. I almost always get the turkey on wheat @ Subway, but I am very picky about condiments/toppings (which is useful in cutting calories coincidentally, lol) & only get lettuce, sometimes cheese on mine. I don't like mayonnaise, mustard, dressings, etc.

  2. I LOVE SUBWAY!! :] And mayo, but i've been trying to get mustard now, since its zero cals! Well, I think subways is like 7? But still! :D

    You sound like you are doing great girl! Stay strong!!

    Im so jealous that you are still on a swim team, I miss it soooo much!


  3. Thanks for answering my question, it makes perfect sense, i guess it's all about finding out what works for us :-)

    Proud of your intake today,
    Think Thin,
    H x