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Thursday, July 22, 2010

so far, so good

Since I quit swimming, i've now vowed to myself that i'm REALLY going to work hard on not eating so much. It's easier now, because I don't have team dinners to go to, etc. BUT now I don't practice and coach twice a day, so i'm really not burning any calories :( I want to start running again, but it's just so HOT outside, and even worse, it's HUMID. it just feels horrible out there, and i'm a terrible runner to begin with so if I take it up now i'll probably die out there haha anyone have any good suggestions for fun workouts I can do in my house?

and sorry i took down the pictures...I really wanted to keep them up this time, but I saw on my profile tracker that someone from my city had been on to view my profile. It's kidna strange because it just showed up when I clicked "view post" and it said someone from my city had visited 0 seconds at the EXACT same time I had clicked view post, but it's not supposed to show up when I look at my own profile. I don't know, it's kinda weird, but I just freaked out and i'm not ready for anyone I know to be reading this, so I just thought it was better to take them down. Sorry :/ hopefully i'll work up courage again soon.

I don't really know what else to post. Shit, i'm boring again. My apologies. Hopefully i'm going to another party this weekend, so maybe then i'll have some awesome drunk stories to tell you about or something. Haha, i don't know.

I'm going to break down and weigh myself again tomorrow. I promised myself once a week only, but i can't stand it. Plus, i've been doing really well with my diet these last two days. Probably no more than 800 cals a day, which is way lower than I thought I could get at this point. I've found my new love for Jell-o, and it's only 10 calories, so forget 100 calorie packs, you can eat 10 jello cups for that! lol

OH! and I found this website...

i don't starve myself completely, you all knwo that, but it has some awesome tips for just avoiding food in general when you want to give in and snack or binge or whatever. ch ch check it out

hope all is well on the skinniness front. battle on, ladies!


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