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Saturday, July 17, 2010

i'm a swammer :)

i knwo that is been FOREVERRRR since i've posted last, but i have been super crazy busy. Whenever i've gottena free moment, i've just collapsed into bed. A lot of things have happened this week though, and i have a lot of excitement coming up, so i'll just give you a day by day recap of what's been going on this week.

swim meet for the younger kids on our team. thank goodness i didn't have to swim that day, but I had to be there to coach, and it was UNGODLY hot. So to combat this disgusting weather, I went to the hospitality room for a drink. Edit: it should be called the non-hospitable hospitality room! I walk in, get a drink, and decide to eat one little cookie while i'm in there (i hadn't eaten much at all that day) and this girl, my age, and whom i'm sorry to say I really thought was mentally handicapped (which apparently she ISN'T!! hahaha) goes "NO EATING BEFORE 7 O'CLOCK!" ....ok food nazi. what a bitch. I made sure to grab a granola bar on my way out of the was only 8 minutes before 7, she can bite me.

worked today, hot as hell again, came home and took a nap because i was exhausted. Woke up and went back to practice, then babysat for two little boys that I coach. oh goodness they are so freakin adorable. We were playing a video game on the wii where you have to make words out of a bunch of letters they give you (somewhat scarbble-esque i suppose) and the little six year old says "how do you spell pussies?" meaning like a bunch of cats, but i thought it was the funniest thing ever. I had to try sooo hard to keep from laughing! so paid $35 too for only about 3 hours work. score.

swim meet for me. it was qualifications, meaning that all of the older kids swim and the top 16 people in each event get to go to championships to swim. I was expected to come in first in pretty much all of my events, but that didn't happen. I dont know if it was my period or the caffeine pill that i took right before i went (because i was literally like dead) but once my events came up, it was all I could do to finish them. I ended up gaining time in every event, and i only won one of them. whatever, i still wasn't ranked worse than 3rd in any of them. felt horrible though, like i could lie down and sleep for 3 days. Afterwards, i skipped the team dinner because all i wanted to do was go home and sleep. Tell me how it is possible to be SO tired, yet so unable to sleep? I guess my insomnia reappeared for a night, and I only got about 3 hours. that sucked sooo bad

practice in the morning (my last one EVER!!) then pep rally that night before championships. We had a pizza party to carbo-load before the big meet, of course. I did somewhat control myself though and only had 2 pieces. I could have easily eaten like 6. Played some games, went back to bed.

my mom had been saying that she wanted to take my sister and I to ihop this morning for a big breakfast. I vehemently refused that, saying that I didn't want a big stack of sugar before champs. I slept in (finallyyyyyy) and woke up at about 10:30 only to find that my mom and sister had gone to krispy kreme and brought back and entire dozen donuts. fuck. Ate one. Then, she called my dad and had him surprise me with fazoli's pasta for lunch, because she wanted me to swim well. double fuck. I swear, it's like she knows I want to lose weight, and she's trying everything to stop it lol

anyway, went to championships and swam pretty well. I didn't win any of my individual events though, and i think this is the first of 13 swimming seasons where I havent. I went into my 50 free ranked first by .3 seconds, and this was the one even I wanted to win, because I hold that state record in it and I didn't want it to get beaten my last year of swimming. Somehow still managed to lose to a girl by .05, BUT she missed beating my record by .06! Ohhhh I was so happy, my legend still stands! My last race of the night (and my last race EVER) was the 200 freestyle relay. My relay was ranked 2nd by half a second, but we still kicked some ass! It was the most exciting swimming relay i've ever seen in my life (besides maybe this one )and we came back and won! I was the last leg, and ended up beating the girl next to me by about .02 seconds. the best part was, my relay somehow managed to drop over 6 seconds (a lifetime in swimming) and beat our own relay record from last year! AHHHHH it was so exciting! tears everywhere, very emotional.

anyway, i am now officially retired from swimming competitively for the rest of my life, and i now dub myslef a "swammer" hahaha I'm actually pretty excited. I'll miss it, of course, but I've been really burnt out with swimming for a while, so i'm ready to retire.


I'm going to CJ's this weekend! sooooo excited! i'm going to her house later today and we're gonna go see a drag show tonight! LMAO my parents are PISSED. My mom is threatening to forbid me to go btu I was like "really? i'm almost 19 years old. For 9 months out of the year I don't live in your house anymore, and a year from now I will be living entirely on my own in a foreign country. just WHEN exactly are you going to start trusting me to make my own decisions?!" they're still pissed as fuck, of course, but I don't care. I'm an adult, i'm responsible, and it's something that I want to do, so i'm doing it! I bet i'll have a ton of lovely drag queen stories to tell you all about when I return :)

then tomorrow i'm going to a concert with CJ, then back home. Should be a ton of fun, but I wont be able to post until monday earliest, so please be patient.

Tuesday i have my swim team banquet. Lots of crying, lots of food, and LOTS of dancing. should be awesome. AND I have a beautiful new dress to wear. Perhaps I will post a picture tuesday? Maybe. Depends on how lazy i am.

Scale still says 142. oh 142, how I hate you so. I don't think i've ever hated a number so much in my life. Every single day I still see it. I know it is my own fault, of course, It just seems like food is coming from everywhere all of the sudden! UGHHHHHH

This is the longest post ever. This is what I get for not taking the time to update throughout the week. Boo. Oh yeah, and I had a dream that I met lilah lee the other night. It was so strange, but really funny too! Lilah, when you get back on remind me to tell you about it, and i hope you get to 163 soon!

Wilted rose, come back. Enough said.

OH! and my family is going to niagra falls for vacation later this month! So excited, i've never been there!!

OK, so i must go, I have a lot of packing to do before I leave for CJ's. Oh what on earth do you wear to a drag show?! lmao Ok I promise to update later, love you ladies, saty strong, and sorry for wasting so much of your time with such a long post!


  1. Hey!I'm still not at 163 lol, but i'm back :]
    Ahhhh I miss WR too :[ :[ :[

    BUT you must tell me about this dream!!! :D

    Congrats miss Swammer :]
    I remember the mixed feelings of ending something that has been such a big factor in your life for so long.
    But congrats on the relay too! That's way cool :)

    Love ya girly
    Stay in touch

  2. Nominated you for Blogger Addict Award :]

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