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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

hello new me!

I'm sick of this. I'm sick of not seeing results and sick of being sick of myself. Starting today, I am back on track. I will lose weight.

Plan: don't eat before 2 pm every day, water only to drink, exercise everyday


Special K red berries with skim milk: 160
20 blueberries: about 16

1/2 granola bar: 90 cals


1 grilled fish patty: 100 cals

whatever my mom fixes, portions cut in half. I'll estimate around 350 just to be safe


chocolate ice cream bar: 135

1 hour of swimming, possibly a short run and/or some crunches etc. afterwards

total: 761, before exercise

I will start losing again. I'm also thinking about another liquid fast again on sunday, if anyone is interested? It was hard last time and I had a few slip ups, but i'm sure this time would be easier! C'mon guys, let's get super skinny!!

p.s. oh where oh where has my wilted rose gone?! miss you girl, can't wait until you're back!


  1. Hey girl!! Me and Elora are doing a liquid fast on July 18th if you would like to join :D

    I feel like its been forever!
    Good luck with your new plan, you sound so determined! I know you can do this :]


  2. Hey, i'm a new reader, loving your blog :-) but just one question- why no eating BEFORE 2pm? I always try not to eat after 5.15pm, and just wondered why your logic was the opposite? surely the later you eat the harder it is for your body to burn it all off?
    H x