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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


today has been a very strange day. It's only noon, but very strange indeed. I woke up way early (for me!) this morning at 9:30. I just happened to look at my cell and see that I had a text from one of my best friends who also coaches the swim team with me. It said "do we have practice/work this morning?" and I was like ", we never have practice on tuesday mornings, and the little kids just had a meet last night." well it turns out that we DID have practice this morning, and the head coach (my boss) just forgot to tell me! lol alright....apparently no one showed up anyway because its raining a lot here today.

Anyway, so then I get out of bed and hear that the t.v. is on in the living room, which is strange because both of my parents are at work and I knew my sister was still asleep. I walk in and see that it's turned onto the news, and theres a group of 4 people on t.v. singing a jesus song. The funny thing is, I quickly realize that the lead singer is this incredibly flamboyantly gay guy that I was good friends with at school! Oh the irony...

In other news, i woke up this morning to discover that I have finally gotten my period. Normally, this would not be exciting news, but today it is. Today it is wonderful, glorious news because it explains my sudden weight gain, my presumed bloating, and my unsatisfiable hunger and craving for every food imaginable! Very excited to see what happens after this is see if I start losing again. I'm a little afraid though, because this will be my first period in about 2 1/2 years where I haven't been on birth control, so i'm scared that my horrible cramps will come back tomorrow or so. If that happens, it will be terrible. My cramps used to be so bad that I couldn't walk or drive or do anything but lay on the bathroom floor with a heating pad for about 3 or 4 days. I also have a swim meet tomorrow and championships on Friday, so i need to feel good for those! i'll keep you guys updated I guess lol

Ok well I'm trying to stay around 1,000 cals today, but since i am on my period and can't control myself during that time, i'm not going to worry TOO badly if I go a little over.

So far today:
bowl of special K cereal with skim milk:160
I added some extra blueberries and raspberries too though so i'm gonna estimate around 200.

Ok, well I love you all, hope you're doing well. thanks for the lovely comments =]

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  1. Haha, I love interesting mornings :]

    I hate periods... Before I was on birth control I had the exact same issue. I had to come home from school like once a month because it was so bad :/

    But yea, i'm going to try and stay around 1000 too, hopefully things will start looking up for the both of us!