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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


today my whole family is gone. They're moving my sister into her new house (well, all of her furniture anyway) so i'm home alone for the majority of the day. Last night after sulking about all the calories vacation tempts me (and basically causes me) to consume, I was struck in the head with a brilliant idea: tomorrow you should fast.

duh! ive been wanting to fast for forever, and have just never been able to. I don't have to opportunity much (since my parents would definitely notice if I didn't eat dinner) and when I do, I've never been able to make it the entire day. I'm determined today though. On friday last week the scale finally said 140 again, and ooohhhhh if I could finally get down into the 130's i don't know what I would do. I would probably piss myself with excitement.....

or maybe I would just be really happy about it. No one likes an incontinent 18 year old.

so i'm going to lose this weight. I have a month left until school starts, and tomorrow I leave for real vacation to Niagara (which will most likely mean a lot more eating) so today I need to prepare my body for those calories. Tomorrow I will also try not to eat very much. My nutrition teacher once said that it takes two days of absolute fasting for your body to exit the starvation mode and to start burning fat. well, I only have one day, but tomorrow will be a full day of driving, so hopefully I can make it a while without eating. Hmm....maybe some allergy medicine? My allergies have been horrible anyway, and it will cause me to not be hungry. We'll see. I definitely don't like taking a bunch a pills to lose just seems too unhealthy to me, but just once....

I'm being forced to play housewife today. while the family is gone, i'm in charge of cleaning the entire house. Joy. I don't really mind though, it keeps my mind of being hungry and it burns calories :) I'm drinking a TON of water today too. that's one of my biggest problems...i hate drinking. at meals, i'll drink like 2 full glasses of water, but any other time its almost torture to drink. My body just doesn't need the liquid. But it's so much better for you, and helps keep you full.

And hello there new followers :) nice to see you guys. take of you shoe, kick back, relax, and stay a while. Or don't. I'm just delighted to have you drop by now and then. I'll try my best to be a good hostess and entertain.

Ok, well i've taken a long enough break from the cleaning...i need to get back to that. prepare for possible updates today, but starting tomorrow I will be on vacation and probably won't have a lot of opportunities to post, so stay patient. blog often so i have some juicy stories to read about your wonderful strength and progress when i return! I love you guys!


  1. But your body needs the liquid! Try putting crystal light into a big bottle of water. It's sugar free and super low calorie(or maybe even zero? ) And they taste super good!!

  2. i know how u feel i barely ever drink water and i really should start, i always drink when i have meals it helps fill me up so much faster :) good luck hun