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Sunday, October 31, 2010

today is a skinny day. i feel like 10 pounds lighter than the rest of this week. still feel bigger, but skinnier at least. It's probably all the beer i've been drinking...i'm probably really dehydrated. I'm proud of myself though. I always eat a ton when i drink, and yesterday, i was tailgating and there was food EVERYWHERE. Somehow i managed to not eat the majority of it though. maybe just a handful of chips and one tiny sandwich. Thats all i ate yesterday period. of course i was drinking my calories, but i only had 2 big mixed drinks, which i mixed with 0 calorie coke, and maybe 3 beers? idk. i can't really remember...

on friday i went to panera for lunch and had a sanwich and some chips. Total was around 900 calories and that's all i ate that day too, so not TOO bad. and today i haven't eaten anything at all. i want it to stay that way but i may have to eat something small soon because i feel like my sugar is dropping and i'm gonna start shaking soon. can't have that.

i think i broke two of my fingers playing football yesterday too. it hurt like a motherfucker and today theyre swollen and purple. wonderful.

I spent the night with L friday night :) it was wonderful. i wish i could sleep in that boy's arms every night. He went home last night though, we had some more grand drunken conversations though. he kept telling me he missed me, wished i was there, wanted to kiss me, and apparently he was telling everyone at the party how cool i was? he called me once and when i answered the phone, he said "frenzy, there is no one in the world like you. really, you're the best person i've ever met." haha he was cracking me up. i'll take it though.

last night, i was in my room alone, drunk, and as is common for drunk me now, i tried to purge. i got really close, and i wanted to so badly, but i just couldn't do it. it doesn't work for me. i guess thats a good thing though...i really dont want to make purging a habit.

well, i have to do a ton of homework today. sad day. i'm hoping to get to the gym later though and work out a little bit, just so i can weigh myself at least. we'll see...

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