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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

just kidding.

just kidding from the last post guys. i know i said that i would fast today but well....
i kinda forgot that i had already made dinner plans tonight, and i don't want to cancel these. so today i just vowed to keep my calories low. i had a small bowl of cereal this morning, and now i'm not eating until dinner. plus, i'll keep dinner small also.

i also got my lazy self out of this room and took a much needed study break at the gym. i was only there for half an hour, but i ran a mile and a half and i did abs for a few minutes. today i'm supposedly at -78 calories. not amazing, i could be at about -250 or so for the day, but hey, negative is negative.

ok, i'm REALLY procrastinating now. i need to study some more. tomorrow is the big day. the day from hell. my two presentations are due and i have my microbiology exam. i've been worrying so much about it that i've gotten my stomach all messed up. i had to take some medicine last night to keep myself from getting too sick...because as much as i wouldnt have minded emptying my stomach, i just cant afford any time to be laying on the bathroom floor haha

ok, i'm off to cram in a good 10 or so more hours of studying. oh college....

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  1. i hope everything gets well.and yes, negative is negative ;) you are really decent ^^ (=