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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

i hate titles.

ok guys, so i'll just update you about my events yesterday.

After i posted about the whole L/CJ/awkward lunch incident, i got control of myself. CJ texted me wanting to do lunch again today, and she sounded completely normal, so i just went ahead and said something like "hey is everything alright between us? I feel like the last few days you've either been annoyed or mad at me and if i did something i would just like to know because youre my best friend and i don't want there to be any problems. maybe i'm making this up but i jsut had to check."
she replied with soemthing along the lines of "no no no! you're definitely making this up. Everything is great between us, sorry if it seemed like i was mad on saturday, but L was just way too drunk and lindsey was really annoyed with him so she wanted to leave, and we couldn't bring him with us, and i figured you would want to stay with him."

that both makes sense to me and also annoys me at the same time. L was pretty drunk. And for a while, he was saying some stupid things...but really it was more funny than anything. If it wasn't for this bitch lindsey, everything would have been fine. Still doesn't really explain lunch yesterday, but i really could have just misunderstood that all with CJ. She's EXTREMELY social (if you can't tell) so sometimes she just gets caught up in saying hi and talking to everyone else instead of me.

The fact that L didn't talk to me is another matter entirely. Kinda wish things were different, but i'm not gonna get too upset about it. We'll see what all happens.

So, long story short, i'm going to lunch with CJ today and going home with her this weekend. Complete with lindsey also. joy. Could be pretty epic or just compeltely aful. we'll see....

ok, i have to go to class now. LOVE YOU LADIES! hello and thank you to all my new followers! i haven;t gotten a chance to comment on your alls blogs lately, but i'm absolutely loving/appreciating all of you and your lovely comments. you girls are seriously the greatest. And i'm reading every single thing you write. Hope you all have wonderful days!

Oh, and ps, i haven't eaten yet today and i'm just going to subway for lunch, so today should be good food-wise. i feel much skinnier today, even if it's all in my head. love those kind of days :)

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  1. Good job on the food, and on directly confronting the problem! Its always the best way to go, though it gives me terrible anxiety to do. Keep it up!