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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Life is good.
L and I talk everyday now. I went back over to his room last night...and it was amazing. i swear, i could kiss that boy for the rest of my life. Everything about him is perfect. His kissing, his personality, his body...
It's like we just fit together. I just hope that this turns into something and i'm not just his girl of the week or something. He truly just makes me happy. And when we're in his room, all alone, on his bed, kissing, he doesn't try to do anything else. He doesnt try to undress me or get me to do anything. I think thats what i like most. I didn't think respectful guys actually existed....

well, anyway, i'm sorry. this isn't a boy toy blog. that's what it seems to be turning into, but i know when i read blogs, i like to hear more about your all's everyday life other than the whole blogerexia thing. ana/mia and all this other shit is something that we can't escape from, so sometimes its nice to just blog about things that may temporarily remind us that there is a world outside these obsessions with our bodies right?

Well, anyway, i feel big today. you know how you just have days sometimes where you feel either fatter or skinnier that other days? well, today is a fat day. Probably all the food i ate last night. I only had a bowl of cereal for lunch, but then had a veggie burger and an INSANE amount of curly fries for dinner. =[

i need to go take a statistics test now that i will most likely not do very well on because i was with L last night instead of studying....

whatever, i'll trade it anyday :) haha love you beauties.

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  1. aw i'm sorry you felt big today :( i totally know what you mean, i have those days too. and i like hearing about your life! i agree, it's nice to have a little breaks in blogs from always talking about ana/mia :) xox