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Monday, October 11, 2010

i'm. going. to die.

ok well the food situation is back under control. i haven't eaten today, and probably wont eat until dinner tonight. Went to the gym and burned about 400 calories. yay!
Also, the scale at the gym said 147.0 today, which is good...a pound off. but i don't know how accurate it is right now considering the bloating...we shall wait and see.

i'm going to die this week. i'm under so much stress its incredible. I have 3 huge things due on thursday.

heres my to do list for this week:

study four chapter of microbiology for exam on thursday
finish huge nursing presentation due on thursday
start and finish huge french presentation due on thursday
finish two chapters of stats homework due on wednesday
do all my french homework, due each day
write a music paper, due tomorrow
schedule my classes for next semester

take micro exam
present french project
present nursing presentation

prepare for french final next tuesday

not to mention, sometime soon i have to:

meet with my advisor
start HUGE nursing paper
contact the local hospital to ask about volunteering
schedule my nursing entrance exam
get recertified in CPR
fill out nursing school application
try to find a job
look into getting my CNA license for this summer
work out.

i'm about to have a breakdown just thinking about all of this. i think i'm going to give myself an ulcer.

i just need to keep breathing. If I can make it past thursday, then things will get so much easier.

goodbye sleep....see you thursday night.

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  1. wow that's a lot to do. but you can absolutely do it. good luck love :)