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Sunday, October 17, 2010


ok, well first of all...thank you all for the lovely comments on the last post/the advice. they were actually really funny to me, cause i love how i can get on here and tell you guys i just got wasted, high, purged food, starved myself, killed a man...haha you name it, i can get on here and tell you all, and everyone is like "haha thats funny, no big deal, heres some advice, love you!" kind of stuff. i love you ladies for that, so thanks :)

ok, now were getting into some girl talk. a gushy high-schoolish gossip kind of matter. can i just tell you, yesterday was probably one of the funnest days i've had in SO long. be forewarned that this is a really long story, but i'm just really excited.

so we had a home football game, and it was parent's weekend at school. CJ and i went to tailgate with our friends and their parents, and it was really fun. we we're all drinking and having an awesome time, and i was really enjoying myself. Didn't know that things were going to be getting even better.

L came over to hang out with us. L and i are pretty good friends, and we were just standing next to each other, not even talking at this point, when my friends mom looks at us and says "so...are you two an item?"

i dont know what made her say that, because we really werent giving off those kind of vibes at all, but L and i just started laughing and said no, but then L gives me a big hug and says "but we could be right? i mean we look pretty good together!" and everyone was just laughing and we made a big joke out of it and started calling each other boyfriend/girlfriend for the night.

Well, L proceeds to get really drunk. i'm a little tipsy, but MUCH better than he was. so as we're walking to the game, L holds my hand, then at the game, he just wrapped his arms around me and held my hands some more and we just talked the whole time. It was really nice...but i just kind of assumed he was really drunk so i didnt think anything about it. L is really popular here at school and actually has a lot of girls after him, so a ton of people kept high fiving him and saying things like "oh she's pretty!" and asking if we were dating, and we kept saying yes, to carry on the joke of the night.

Well later, our friends go out to eat with their parents and CJ ends up going to a bar so L and i were alone. We go back to my room to watch a movie and he just held me the whole time, then we went to a friends house for a while. After that, he invites me back to his room because he says that he wants to spend some more time with me. Keep in mind that L has a private room, and that it is about 1 in the morning at this point. I agree, and we go upstairs to just lay in his bed. He just wrapped his arms around me and held my hands the whole night and it was really sweet....and we ended up kissing.

This is what excites me the most. Let me tell you guys...i'm pretty much a pro at random one time hookups. I dont have sex or anything, i'm just like the make-out queen, i'm telling you. So my point is, i know that when you randomly make out with someone, its usually very hot and heavy and the guy is just trying to get as much as he can as fast as he can. This was so different. I wish i could describe this kissing for you ladies...he had to have taken notes from chick-flicks. it was the softest, kindest, most gentle kiss in the world. like, the whole, put his hand on my cheek, hold my was good. it was hot. seriously the most loving kiss i've ever felt...which is strange since were not together....

anyway, were kissing and everything, and he stops and looks at me and says "hey, i dont know what you're expecting, but before this goes any farther, is it alright if we just leave sex out of this for now?"

i just about died right there. WHAT GUY SAYS THAT?! i know it's sad that i should think thats such a big deal, but guys dont do that. every guy wants sex. i've never had a guy be so respectful about it. So...long story short, i stayed in his room wrapped in his arms until 5 am. i told him i had to leave, and he didnt want me to..but he went and checked me out from the desk, gave me a hug and a kiss and told me he would text me today.

Well, he hasn't. i'm not too worried about it though. i definitely was not looking for a boyfriend, and yes i would be happy if the right guy came along, and esp. if he was that right guy, but if we dont end up dating...i wont be devastated.

I have been thinking about him all day though. Like i said, a lot different from any other random hookup i've ever had. I told CJ a little about it today though, and she said that she didn't think us together would be a good idea. she said "i'll be straight, he's never wanted anything serious." but then a few minutes later she texted me and said "well, maybe he's actually changing his ways though, he's kinda been talking about getting a girlfriend some lately."

so i dont know. but there were so many little sweet, gentlemanly things he did last night and i wish i could tell you about all of them, but that would make this post sooo much freaking longer than it already is.

sorry...i just haven't felt this excited/hopeful for a guy in a long time. he's probably the first guy that i actually LIKE in college and didn't just want to hook up with.

i'll keep you ladies updated with all the details.


  1. ah that's so exciting! he sounds so cute, get it girrrl :)

  2. I just found your blog, I hope it is OK if I follow you? You seem like a nice, active member :) And that sounds really, really sweet. Absolutely adorable. He sounds like a good one :)