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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

well, life is back as it was. Cj and I are just fine, like nothing ever happened, there is still no boy in my life, and i'm still fat.

I really have nothing to post today. absolutely nothing.

havent worked out in FOREVER. things have just come up and i haven't had the chance.

yesterday, CJ was telling me about an article that she read in the newspaper about anorexia. She was talking about how crazy it was and said something like "i mean, could you ever imagine having anorexia? i can't even comprehend that or how crazy it would be."

i just kind of laughed and said "yeah" and moved onto the next subject.

my roomie is leaving tomorrow. i'm super excited. don't get me wrong, my roommate and i get along great and i love her, but i just LOVE having the room to myself for a while. its just nice.

i was thinking about texting L and seeing if he wanted to do something, but i haven't gotten up the nerve. I dont like this. I've been so independent for so long and so anti-boyfriend, and now all i can think about is this boy and our one awesome night together. We didn't even do anything that crazy, but that kiss was just......

anyway, what do you all think? i just feel like if he was interested in me at all, he would have talked to me by now right? jeeze i sound like a 13 year old girl. i need to stop. no more boy talk until something actually HAPPENS, ok? i dont want to bore you all with that shit. this is supposed to be an EDNOS blog. i barely post about food or exercise or losing weight or anything anymore.

probably because i'm ashamed cause i'm eating too much, exercsizing too little, and not losing at all.

ok, i really have nothing else to write about. love you ladies. have a wonderful day.


  1. There is no harm in trying! I'd bet he is nervous, and maybe embarrassed and doesn't want the rejection if he texts you first. I think you should go for it!

  2. I haven't exercised in FOREVER either lol.
    We need to live together now so we can get skinny together!

    lol... I feel like we would end up getting drunk and eating ben and jerrys though lol.. Bad plan? hahaha

    You should go chill with this guy... he sounds cool. Get more kisses :) They make you happy!

    And I'm def planning on posting more.... just like you though all I do is eat and not work out so I feel weird being here lol

    What are you doing for halloween?
    I was supposed to be freakin skinny by now.. and im not... so it's kind of a sad day! haha

    Loveee you!