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Saturday, October 9, 2010

does this really need a title?

god i hate pms. seriously, heres how i see the life of a woman...

you're born, you get a few good years during childhood, then all the sudden you wake up, and your boobs are a little bigger, and they hurt like hell for about 4 years. During this time of awful boob pain, fat also starts to grow....on top of the muscle mind you, because boys are the fortunate ones that get muscle OVER fat therefore constantly looking halfway in shape, and you get bigger...and bigger...and bigger, and you're never satisfied with how you look because you and every guy you're around is constantly comparing you to other girls. Then you wake up one morning only to discover that you re bleeding everywhere. joy. the pain is incredible, it makes you look fatter, it makes your boobs hurt more, its messy, you break out, your emotions go haywire, headaches are a constant, you crave EVERYTHING, amongst other lovely things....and you realize that you will have to experience this for a week straight every month for the next forty or so years. what is your reward for all this? after searching your whole life and finding a decent guy worth starting a family with, you get pregnant, put up worth nine months of getting even fatter, going through even more pain, having even more cravings and more emotional outbursts, then on your lucky day, you get to scream your head off as you push a human out of you. Said human breaks your tailbone, rips your vagina, and causes you to shit in front of everyone. You may do this a few more times until you finally decide to stop, but you get stuck with screaming, messy, hungry kids every day, until finally, when they get old enough to take care of themselves, you start menopause, feel even crappier, then you die. During this entire cycle, the men sit back and have the audacity to talk about how crazy women are, and treat them like shit. HOW IS THIS FAIR?!

lol ok, my little rant is finished. it just think this is a little ridiculous. why dont guys have to deal with any of this?!?! okay, well anyway, as you can guess, i'm pmsing, been eating like CRAZY, which sucks since the week before i did SO amazing, but now i look like a weigh 5,000 pounds.

Oh, and my ex boyfriend nick texted me last night....he has a hard time during this time of year due to some personal issues, and i think he was looking for me to comfort him. i was pretty nice to him, as much as i still hate to think about how much he hurt me, but i think i said something to make him mad (although i wasn't trying to) and he stopped texting, and he didn't text me back at all today.i dont know. honestly i dont really care though.... i may go into more detail with this story later, i know it probably sounds pretty confusing at this point, but im just too tired and cant think straight

i'm not feeling right. i can't think straight right now. i'm kinda dizzy and a feel like im going to pass out...its that drunk feeling again like im not really here...see former posts. it's scary...

sorry guys...

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  1. i totally agree with u...on everything...
    stay strong!