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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

utterly gross

if you all are looking for a little bit of thinspo, or just looking to avoid gainined 5,000 lbs like me over halloween, then go check this out. I mean, i already tried to count the calories in some of the candy ive been eating, but this jsut really puts it into perspective and just how far one little piece of candy can go. It also gives some good advice on how to avoid the little fuckers of pure sugar and fat.

let's try not to make halloween a complete shit show ok? i mean....unless youre drinkign those calories ;)

haha ok, love you all.

and to update, i ate another bowl of cereal for dinner. not shabby for the day though. still 500 cals under what my app on my ipod says i need to be under to lose two lbs a week. i'm SOOO ready to get all this FAT off of me! i leave for my cruise december 28th. That gives me 2 1/2 months to look good! i know i could lose a ton before then! i have to do this!

fasting tomorrow.

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  1. ugh i hate reading that, i love candy.. but 3 musketteers are my fave, good thing they're under the good candies. :)