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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i know i havent been posting lately. i just really have nothing to add. I haven't had the time to work out (i've had a SUPER busy last few weeks) and for the most part, my eating has been good. definitely under 1,000 cals a day, until maybe 2 days period started today, so of course i could eat until this time next week and never get full haha

i'm bloated. i feel huge. ughhhhhh. stupid period.

L and I are good. we're not "official" yet, but we might as well be. i go over to his room every night. last night was particularly good. i was giving him a hard time because he wouldn't tell me his middle name and i said "don't you want to make me happy?" and he replied with "more than anything in the world. just tell me how." :)

then he kept telling me how cute i was when i was frustrated and he told me that he had asked CJ several times if i talk about him. he wouldn't let me leave his room even though it was 1 am. he kept holding me down and telling me he was gonna keep me there. he's so freaking adorable.

wait...what? what is this strange feeling inside of me? i think i may have felt it once or twice before. happiness??

haha i mean i've been happy and out of my depression ever since i left my last boyfriend nick, and i didn't think that my life COULD get happier...but it is? i just smile ALL the time now. insanity. i love it. i love you. i love life =]


  1. awww yeah I'm so glad that you are getting happier!!

    I think... that we should both make a goal weight that we have to hit before we can meet lol.
    Mine is 149.
    Lets gooo!! :)

  2. aw yay you sound so happy! :)

    lol :)

    I want to move to France with you.
    Im serious lol.

    What would everyone do? lol
    Just peace out... ugg I wish!

  4. Good girl.
    A boy seems to light things up massively!
    Which is crazy, cos then they cause a whole truckload of sadness.

    Hope you're having fun. Write some more.