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Saturday, October 16, 2010

im an idiot...

so, i went out with CJ last night. it was all pretty good, i mean before we left though, she was telling me about how she had gone out with lindsey that day and started drinking at 11 am. Also, she told me that she has had sex a few times with the guy at the frat that shes been talking to. It's not like it bothers me that people are having sex, whatever, but CJ was SO against that last year. she just lost her virginity this summer to a guy whom she really loved, and now shes telling me shes having sex with this other guy just because he wants to, and that it means nothing to her.

Whatever, the rest of the night was pretty good though, same as always, same CJ, same good times.

Well, except for the fact that i was a royal shitshow.

Whatever, i haven't been out in so long, i dont care that i went out and had a little too much fun last night. BUT i did get a little too wild.

I ended up smoking weed. I mean, i had always wanted to try it, but never had. So after like 5 beers, two shots of rum and random tastes of everyone elses drinks, i decided "ah...fuck it. why the hell not?"

I'll tell you why the hell not. BECAUSE I'M APPLYING TO NURSING SCHOOL SOON. I know they do a drug test, i just don't know exactly when. I'm hoping i can get it all out of my system before then...cause i've been told that weed can stay in your system for up to two months? Shit. So i'll just be consuming copious amounts of water until then. I'm screwed if they take a hair sample though.

Anyways, i was pretty far gone, and CJ ended up taking us to taco bell. The thought of taco bell sober would be enough to make me puke, but drunk.....

i ended up puking in the parking lot of the drive through then stumbling into the bushes to puke some more. It was only like 1 am too. I definitely went too fast....

well, at least i puked up all the calories i drank. too bad i gained them all back when i demolished one of those GIANT burritos.

Football game today. probably tailgating all day. I may want to sit out the drinking though because of last night.

sorry for partying... :)


  1. You can get juices & stuff to help flush it out for urine tests. Years ago my roommate smoked weed within a week or 2 of having to take one for a new job & she bought some juice that is specifically for that. I think she said it tasted unpleasant & stuff, but it worked for her because she passed.

  2. hahaha you're wild and i love it

  3. Sounds like you had a good night!
    I love drunken nights like that.

    Apparently, the main drug in weed, THC, is usually stored in your fat cells and detectable for up to 10days if you're an infrequent smoker. Which, I'm definitely assuming you are!
    So if you're getting a wee-wee drug test, you'll be right if it's after 10days!

    Also, haven't you heard the saying?? =)
    "Beer and grass you're on your ass, grass and beer you're in the clear!!" ... I'm a pretty heavy smoker, but if I smoked AFTER I'd been drinking - I'd end up projectile vomiting all over the place haha.

    Another thing, thankyou soo much for your comments. I love reading them and I'm very, very flattered that you like my blog. I always thought it was a bit of brag blog by me.

    Have a good week, love