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Saturday, October 2, 2010

im back bitchessss!!!

^^^that's some hot thinspo! :)

thats right, ive returned.
no really,

i. have. returned.

i only emphasize that because i didn't just get my computer back, but also because i've gotten most of my self control back. I've been doing damn good.

i got an iphone, and i downloaded this app that helps you keep track of how many calories you eat a day, how many you burn, and how quickly you want to lose weight. It told me that to lose 2 pounds a week, i should limit myself to 1,077 calories a day. welllllll, so far this week, i've been averaging around 700-800 calories a day, AND i've been going to the gym every single day and running a mile a half. thats right, i've made it past my limit of simply a mile, and i've worked myself up to a mile and a half. i know that sounds like nothing, but for me, running that far is inredible. last year, i could barely even finish .2 of a mile. yeah, i'm serious. not only that, but after i run a mile and a half and walk about another mile, i go do abs for a while, then i go swim for about another half hour. i'm burning around 500 cals, therefore putting me at a total of around 350 calories a day. HELL FUCKING YES!

yesterday i ate a little bit more than normal, so today i decided to really cut back. all i ate today was a reese cup, then for dinner i had some oatmeal and beer. lmao, i was just really raving a beer. unfortunately, i didn't get to work out today, so my calories are about the same...around 300 or so. but i'll take that.

anyway, i still feel huge. i haven't weighed in this week at all, but hopefully if i an find enough time to get to the gym tomorrow, i'll weigh myself then.

i don't know why i'm doing this, but tonight (since my roommate is gone) i decided to take some pictures to show you all what i look like (my stomach i mean.) overall, i think i've made some progress since i started, but i still think i have a ton to lose. obviously.

sorry for hurting your alls eyes with these.

sorry guys but i don't like to keep pictures up for very long, had to take these down! but thank you for the lovely comments :)

ok so, priorities:
back fat. obviously.
hips. does anyone know any good oblique exercises? or how to loose those love handles? its like whenever i lose my waist gets a little smaller but my side fat stays huge. wtf.

like i said, sorry for making you all sick. don't worry, soon you will see GOOD PICTURES.

i missed you all!


  1. you have such a tiny waist i'm so jealous! i have one of those apps for my i touch too, it's sooo helpful. glad you're back, stay strong! xox <3

  2. You don't look bad at all!!!
    I still can't believe you still have your swimmers shoulders! Mine went down... but then again I've been done longer than you lol.
    So they will go down, no worries :)

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about running! It's how I am too, that's awesome that you are working yourself back up!
    it will totally be worth it :)

    Good luck baby girl!
    Lilah <3