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Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day! much work. I was definitely not ready for all the work to begin again. I miss having nothing to do! My schedule is packed this semester though (19 hours) and I can easily skip breakfast and lunch, which i've done a few times. And, with the whole new dorm thing, people aren't getting big groups together to go out for dinner, so long story short, i've managed to stay around 1 meal or 2 pretty small meals a day. MUCH better than what I was eating last year. I've been resisting the pasta and the desserts and opting for just a sandwich wrap. Not too bad.

I've been working my ass off at the gym lately. I've kicked my butt into gear and i've been dedicated to going to the gym every day. I've been running a mile (HUGE accomplishment for me, i used to not even be able to run for a quarter mile) and then i physically can't go any farther. I'm gonna work myself up into a decent runner this year though. I enjoy it SO much, it's just really hard for me. After I run a mile, i run/walk anohter 2 miles or so, then i go do some abs.

I also tried hot yoga for the first time the other day. If you all are wondering what it's's HARD. My roommate and I went together (and this is the roommate whom I really think has an eating disorder/addiction to working out) and it was brutal, even for her. The room was 115 degrees (that's not an exaggeration...) and I was laying in a pool of my own sweat before we even started doing any exercises. The class was an hour long, did a ton of cruches/yoga/ the time we left I swore I would never go back again, but as soon as i stepped outside, i felt AMAZING. My clothes looked like I had jumped in a pool...but i felt accomplished afterwards and i wasn't incredibly sore the next day. I've heard it's really good for you, and i have another free session to use, so i think i'm going to go thursday.

Anyway, I weighed myself on the gym scale last sunday, and with my shoes on and everything I was 148. :( I knew our scale at home was terrible. It was upsetting, but at least now I have an accurate weight to go by, and i'm really dedicated to working out now. I've decided to reset my scale at the top of my page, and jsut start over! wish me luck ladies...please call me out on whenever i fuck up, and keep me motivated. PLEASE! i love you all!

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  1. Good luck girly!
    That hot yoga sounds interesting.... I really need to find some kind of exercise class to do.
    Good luck with those 19 hours, I couldnt imagine....

    Have an awesome week!