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Sunday, September 12, 2010

party party party lets all get wasted...

i'm back from the game. SO. MUCH. FUN.

lets recap my whole weekend, shall we?

Thursday, went to my friend's birthday party and drank. I was really enjoying myself, and it was pretty chill, but CJ wanted to drive over to another party kinda far from campus and say hello to some people. I had been drinking, but she had only had like maybe 2 beers so she said she would be the DD for the night, we would go out to the party for maybe an hour or two jsut to say hello, then come back to the apratment and chill with the guys some more before she drove me back to my dorm around mindnight so that I could get some sleep before my class in the morning. So i agreed, and she drove us out to the party, where she then proceeded to play about 6 rounds of beer pong and get completely smashed. Great job, DD. So I kept wanting to leave, but she didn't want to and there was no way she was gonna be able to drive, so i basically had to beg these random guys to drive me all the way back to campus, and i didn't end up getting back until around 2:30.

Friday, I was pretty pissed at CJ. I've never been mad at her before, but she kinda screwed me over the night before. But she wanted to ride along and break into my house with me, so i decided to just let it go, and i got over it pretty quickly. I went out with CJ again that night and just went to some guy's house about 15 minutes from the main town, and just chilled and drank a bunch of beer. I really had SO much fun though. L was supposed to come out, but he told me that he decided not to, because he had an 8 am class. by the end of the night though, he was drunk texteing me asking me to come to a different party and see him. Liar! lol but really, we were pretty far away and i think he just decided to go to the other party so tha the could walk back. At least he wanted to hang out. I ended up just staying where I was though, cause I was having an awesome time.

That night I called my friend from high school to tell her that I would be at the game saturday and that i wanted to see her, and she was asking me to go with her to one of the frat parties....which just happened to be the frat my douche ex Nick is in. She said
"would you mind seeing nick?"
at this point I was pretty drunk so I was like "i don't give a fuck if I see nick or not. I couldn't care less about him"
then she said "well I didn't know, I thought it may be weird cause i'm convinced that he's still madly in love with you."

Great. Whatever. I had forgotten about him before I even hung up the phone.

So then Yesterday, I got up early and my friends and I drove 3 hours away to the football game. I was still pretty drunk from the night before by the time we left, but I was completely convinced that I wasn't gonna go to the frat party where Nick was. Regardless of what I had said the night before, I'm still pretty bitter about the things he did to me and just wasn't ready to see his face again.

So we get to the girls house where we're staying for the night, and we all go out on the front porch and start pregaming, when I look across the street and....

you guessed it.

Out of all the houses in that huge city, I somehow managed to end up at the one right across from the frat party that nick was at. FML. I didn't see him though, so I jsut kept drinking and having a good time. Later that day, I was sitting on the porch when my friend that I had talked to the night before walked by. I haven't seen her since we graduated, so I ran out into the front yard and gave her a huge hug. Now, where we were tailgating, EVERYONE was wearing blue...except for my little group which was in red--our school's color. As i'm standing in the front year talking, I hear a familiar voice from across the street start booing, which was quickly followed by every other frat guy at the house. Booing my red shirt I assume. Fuck yuou nick, fuck you. I just kinda ignored it though and kept talking. I eventually go back onto the porch, and for the rest of the day I was forced to see nick, sitting on the porch right across the street, looking all fratty and douchy in his pink polo, booing every red shirt that walked by. What an idiot. I refused to go talk to him though, but I'm convinced he knew it was me and kept staring at me the whole day.

Anyway, i'm back today and had an awesome weekend regardless. I need to calm down on my drinking though, i pretty much only had a few hours of soberness since thursday. I don't need to get crazy, and I dont want to gain all that weight back again either. I'm making myself look like an ass with all the partying.

L did call me again last night though (drunk again) and told me he wanted to hang out. I dont know what to think about this kid. He's even more out of control thant I am. Super sweet, but a HUGE partier, and i don't think he'd be good for me. I just love his personality though. If only he would calm down JUST a little and get some more goals for his life. But if he's interested in me too, i dont know what i should do. he may be fun for a little while and super caring...idk.


  1. that sucks about cj and nick :/ but yay for an awesome weekend! personally, and i don't know him other than what you've said, i wouldn't think too much about L. he could be fun for a short while but in the long run, a person who's out of control like that and doesn't really know what to do with his life probably wouldn't make a good boyfriend... although a fling may be reallyy fun. but again, just my opinion :) glad you had a great weekend!

  2. :( My spring break is the week before yours. EFFF.
    Glad you had an awesome weekend though! Even with Mr. Douchebag haha...

    We still need to figure something out eventually though... like this NEEDS to happen :) haha

    I'm for real about to just make one of my roommates think it's normal to roadtrip down to KY for a long weekend... bahhaha...
    We'll see!

    Have an awesome week!