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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


i should be doing statistics homework right's due in 3 hours, but i just don't want to. I hate stats. Stupid pre-reqs.

thanks everyone for all the advice/support/what-have-you concerning the last post. I feel completely fine now. Funny how it comes and goes. Anyway, I talked to my parents about it and they said I should wait until it happens again before I go to the doctor. But I will go when it does happen to see if it is something physical or mental. Should be pretty interesting, since it points to something mental (GAD) but it feels 100% physical and doesn't come on when i'm stressed. Whatever.

Yesterday I ate alot.

small salad with just a little italian dressing
about 2 bites of pasta salad
1 wheat wrap with turkey and provolone

Dinner: my roomie wanted to try the new burger place on campus
1 veggie burger
1 small order of curly fries

i don't even feel like counting all those calories.

The good thing is though, that besides the curly fries, it was all decently healthy. I loaded up my spinach salad with veggies, and there was lettuce and tomato and such in my wrap and burger.

today thus far:
one small bowl of special K with skim milk: maybeeee 120 calories

who knows if i'll eat anything else today.
I wont eat before class at 3, then right after I have to go to a function for my nursing class, then after that my friends and I are going on a wal-mart run at i'm hoping not. Maybe something small later tonight? I hope that is all.

I need to go to the gym...but I can't run or do anything involving my legs. I feel like I can't do enough abs to really make a difference, and i just can't bring myself to swim. Idk...but i need to figure something out cause just cutting calories isn't enough. I need to exercise too.

I also want hot passionate lovin with a boy. don't want a boyFRIEND...but I want something steamy :) I think my hormones are kicking in before i get a visit from mother nature. After that's come and gone though, I'm going to go back to the gym and weigh myself. I keep forgetting when I'm there. might as well wait until i'm not bloated at all.

Ok, another random/useless post. Hope all you lovelies are kicking ass at life...but of course you are!

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  1. Ugh, mother nature. I hate weighing around that time, it makes me so depressed and it such a major binge-trigger. Makes me want chocolate.. hehe :-) Stay strong, H x