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Thursday, September 16, 2010

my control is slipping away. I can feel it.

No, i haven't been going on major junk food binges or anything, but i'm not restricting like i was and i'm not exercising either.

I used to just eat dinner every night after all my classes. probably just one sandwich wrap, which totals around 400 calories. Plus, I worked out every day.

Now, I've gotten into the habit of eating lunch and dinner...probably somewhere around 800 calories.

every now and then I eat breakfast too.

Not exercising either. damnit.

At least the things i've been eating are for the most part somewhat healthy. a sandwich wrap and a salad. But still, starting next week (because that will be the easiest for me) i'm going to start restricting more and working out again. I've given my legs over a week to heal, so i should hopefully be good by then. If not, i'll just do a ton of abs and then start swimming every day :/

a virus is currently trying to attack my computer. My antivirus software keeps catching it before it can do anything (that i thus far know of) but it still comes up with this annoying pop up about every 2 minutes to tell me it stopped it again. you should see the list of how many times it's tried to get in...its like, hundreds. I've run all my full system scans and everything but it still wont go away.

Fuck you, annoying virus, fuck you.

But anyway, if i disappear for a few know what happened. the virus got me. I am infected. Not dying, just in recovery for a few days. :)

enjoy your day!


  1. heheee you can do it girly :-)! Lots of love H x

  2. Well duh, of course your legs hurt. Because mine do too lol. My knees are KILLING me.... its getting kind of ridiculous actually... haha
    But I NEED my control back as well.... i can feel it dissapearing and I'm worried I'll lose it completely :/

    We can do this though!!!

    Have a greatttt weekend!