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Monday, September 13, 2010

can't concentrate

i ended up eating today. and i am about to eat some ice cream even though i don't want to and i'm not hungry. something weird is going on with me

recently i've been getting this strange sensation, and i don't really know how to describe it other than the fact that i'm out of touch with reality. I mean, i know what is going on around me, i could carry on a conversation and i probably look and act completely normal, but i feel like im floating away or something. Like, i'm looking at myself from a distance, or watching my life through a video camera. I feel drunk. I can't concentrate on anything no matter how hard i try. This has happened to me four different times that I know of, and 3 of them have been within the last 2 weeks. it's the strangest feeling in the world.

I think it might be because my sugar is low. I'm hypoglycemic, and every now and then my sugar drops and i get shaky, weak, incredibly nervous, unbalanced....i've dealt with this for a while, but i now know exactly when it's coming on and if i just eat something small I feel better within 10 minutes. I think this new feeling is probably low blood sugar, but i don't get shaky, i don't feel the intense NEED to eat at that moment, i just don't feel like i really exist. And it hasn't gotten better after eating. It's happening right now, if you all can't tell by my weirdness.

I'm kinda scared. I tried to go to the health clinic on campus but they were closed for the day, so i'm going to an ice cream social later in hopes that the calorie ridden food can raise my sugar more and make it go away? I have 2 tests tomorrow that i need to study for and i can't study when i feel like this.

Anyway, the reason that i'm writing about this because i was wondering if you all have ever experienced this before...sans drinking or drug use lol
i'm sure we've all probably experienced low blood sugar once or twice before given that we don't eat a lot, so i'm just curious as to whether this has happened to anyone.

Also, i've been researching my symptoms online, and it's basically given me everything possible. allergies, hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, brain name it, i could have it, BUT it also keeps coming up with generalized anxiety disorder. I've suspected before that i've had that even though i don't feel stressed now, didn't feel stressed when it's happened before, and have never had a panic attack. My heart isn't beating fast, i'm not breathing hard, idk. Anyway, Lilah i know you said you had this familiar to you at all?

Anyway, sorry to bother you guys with this. I know i should see the doctor and i will but i cant right now so i'm making you all my doctors for the moment haha just curious to see if you all have ever felt this way before. Hopefully not. I'll let you know how everything turns out


  1. Hi love,

    Same thing is happening to me, not exactly what you're getting - but I just feel as though I have nothing to contribute to the world most times. I'm just waiting for something to happen and watching myself sink deeper into something gross. I get hot sweats all the time and then I'm freezing. I can't move. No energy.
    I'm gonna say it's part of the way I've been eating as well. This is in no way helpful because I have no idea what's happening and the doctor wont tell me haha.. but I'm going through the same kind of boring day after day nothingness and feeling extremely sick throughout it.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!!

  2. OH MY GOD. I get this all the time. ALL the time. I have a DR's appointment booked and was going to mention it to them. Like i'll be sitting there, looking around, and then suddenly realise something or see someone i didn't know was there... i always think of it as 'the world moving around me'. I used to think it was cause i'm a nutter. Now i'm not so sure... H x

  3. Heyyy,
    I actually used to get something like this a lot. Im not sure if it's what you're experiencing, but I would get it in weird cycles. It's been quite a while but i'll try to remember all the details. Since i've been put on my anxiety meds its helped A LOT!
    But basically I would just feel totally out of it, and confused, at no apparent reason. Kind of like the drunkness you were talking about... and I would talk and just get really really weird and think everything I was saying was dumb, and then sort of over analyze things I said like wow, why would I say that? And I would forget a lot of things too, and just feel really plain, like everything in my life shrunk down into this very place place that only consisted of simple things... haha I know sounds dumb...
    But I figured out eventually that since it went in cycles, it usually started with me losing sleep, and my sleep schedule getting extremely messed up, then I would have more anxiety (but at the time I didnt know that's what it was) and have extreme fits of insomnia for about a week. Then I would ususally get sick on top of all the other symptoms, feeling really weird, and I would also have racing thoughts.
    After I did more research I found out that my symptoms were sort of close to hypomania, where i would lose a lot of sleep, and get REALLY productive sue to my heart rate being crazy high. And I was no the edge of my seat all the time, but not in a bad way...

    HAHA sorry for this being so long lol.
    I hope it's making sense too! But the whole low blood sugar thing Ithink I know how you feel. A lot of the times I owuldnt eat when I was in these little "episodes" and then I would freak out about how it's unhealthy and im gonna pass out, then eat alot... and I also remember like sub-consciously talking ot myself a lot, like putting myself down, adn then when the end of hte cycle hit, it all changed to positive thoughts, but that may have been me forcing them in....

    If it keeps up I would go talk to a counselor as school, usually you get like 3 free visits I think?? And just tell them whats going on. Believe me, it is soooo nice to know what is happening, than wonder about 901274312 things ( what I used to do haha)
    I never talked to a psychologist, or shrink or anything totally out there, it was just a family counselor that worked at the teen health center I went to for physicals and stuff( So I felt less crazy if you know what I mean haha)

    But good luck girly!
    Let me know if I can help you out in any other way. Just try not to freak out about it, becuase chances are its nothing at all. I think I read somewhere that like 90% of young adults experience severe bouts of anxiety... so it will most likely go away soon :)
    It's just when it sticks around long, or happens frequently that you should figure out whats up.

    Love you!
    (sorry for the long ass comment)

  4. holy shit, I just realized how long that last comment I left was... haaaa sorry!