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Thursday, September 9, 2010


thanks for all the encouraging posts/advice last night, you really dont know how much it means. I've calmed down now, and gotten things into perspective again, so i'm really not as worried about it now.

I'm going out with CJ and L to a party tonight. Should be pretty awesome.

Tomorrow as soon as my class is done i'm driving two hours back home to break into my house before my parents get off work. I'll explain tomorrow.

today i've eaten:
1 granola bar: 170 cals
1 dole fruit cup: 80 cals

Not bad at all.

I haven't been working out, but i haven't been eating much either, so it's not so bad.

Of course i'm about to go drink who knows how many calories.

But i'm trying to keep most days like today. maybe a little more, maybe a little less, depending.

Of course i have plans to drink every day this weekend, too.

Alcohol on an empty stomach.

Please pray that I don't die.

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