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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


i've found myself a little picnic table on campus in the shade by a big beautiful fountain where I can waste away a few hours before my next class. On tuesdays, i have a two hour break between classes and I don't want to walk back to my dorm, so I just stay here and relax for a bit. I guess this will also be when I do a bit of blogging.

I usually get lunch right now with some friends, but their work on campus has started so no one is free. This would upset me, but this actually gives me the oppotunity to skip another meal with no one noticing. I had cereal this morning, because i need a little bit of food between 7 and 4:30 when I have classes, but i won't eat lunch today, and i will go work out during dinner time in hopes of possibly skipping that meal too. This year is easier to restrict, and i'm thankful for that...because i need to lose weight. BADLY.

I think tonight i'm hanging out with CJ and L in the other dorm. I hope so, at least. He wrote on my facebook wall that I should come over to hang out with them tonight, so of course i don't want to turn that down.

I'm also thinking about weighing in today. I haven't weighed myself since the first time i went to the gym this year (last sunday, i think?) so it's been over a week, and i've been working out a lot, but i also ate a ton of calories this weekend at the lake. And I don't feel any skinnier.

Today's intake:
1 bowl of special K cereal with skim milk: 170

Work out plan: go to the gym after classes and run a mile, walk 2 miles, then do some abs.

Please pray that it works out for me like this.

Love you all.

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