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Monday, September 13, 2010


i really have nothing exciting to share with you all today. I just feel that i needed to post something for absolutely no reason.

I didn't eat much yesterday, probably about 600 calories though just because what little i did eat was junk food

today i haven't eaten at all. I don't knwo that i'll be able to fast, but i'm going to at least make it until after my class which is over at 4:30

My french class was canceled this morning, meaning that i got to sleep in and now i only have one class at 3. woohoo!!

So i went to work out. The gym was really crowded. Attempted to run a mile only to discover that I have shin splints. great. I had to stop after half a mile then the gym was too crowded to do anything else so i just left. I'm planning on going back tonight though to hopefully either swim or do a pilates class. We'll see how that goes though.

Today, my total intake is
negative 160 calories


and thanks for all the love guys....oh and i now have 19 followers! i'm super excited but also feel kinda lame cause it's taken me so long to even get 19. haha hey visitors! help me make it to at least 20?!

But to all thsoe who do follow, i truely love and appreciate you all and am here to ehlp and support you in whatever you do. thanks, everyone have a grand day!


  1. I had shin splints for ages when i started running- unfortunately the only way i got rid of them was by NOT running for weeks. Sorry!!! Good luck :) H x

  2. yay negative calories! i can never get the energy to get off my ass and go to the gym, so i just ride the stationary bike in my basement. i wish a had a treadmill at home :/ and all your followers love you too! :) have a great dayy.