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Thursday, September 16, 2010

wanna start a movement?

ok so i just posted basically all of this on lilah's blog, but i just got on blogger to bitch about my weight and how fat i feel and then the last line of lilahs post said "i hate people who bitch about their weight but dont work out!" and i realized...thats me right now! ok so i know she didnt mean me specifically, and i know she just meant people who NEVER work out at all and probably dont diet either, BUT it got me thinking...

the reason that i dont stay focused is because i have no one to answer to. I have no dietitian, personal trainer, or anyone else to force me to eat right or exercise. All I have to answer to is myself...and we all know how our willpower usually is...mine definitely lets me down A LOT. I need someone at those times of the day when i have the opportunity to work out but just dont want to to yell at me and say "frenzy! go look at yourself in the mirror! youre a fatass! you cant go on a cruise looking like that! you cant go to france being that fat disgusting american! you cant get a tattoo on your fat stomach and show everyone! you NEED TO EXERCISE NOW!" grand idea. we should all text each other at specific times of the day and say something like that! have someone besides ourself to answer to! For instance, i always have a 3 hour break between my classes on monday, wednesday, and friday. My goal is to go exercise for at least an hour right after my first class...however, after class i don't feel like it a lot of times and just decide to skip it. BUT if i had someone text me at that exact time i get out of class, it would motivate me to go! and i could text back as a certain time and ask for you to tell me exactly what you've eaten that day and how many calories everything was, without lying!

does this sound crazy or useless? idk...i think it would motivate me. We could set up rules like "whenever i text you to work out, you have to respond within 15 minutes saying that youre going to work out or you have to cut back the amount of calories youre going to eat today by 200" or something like that...idk, we could work it all out. the reason i want more than one person to do this with me is because
a) were a community, and lean on/support each other. we're all in this together and should be 24/7...not just when we check our blogger.
b) if we have more people, it would be easier to arrange times to text. for instance, say i wanted lilah to text me at noon every monday, but maybe she has work and can't use her phone..someone else could text me at that time on mondays instead!
c)the more people you have texting you, the more you wont want to let them all down, and the more motivating it is!

so anyway, its just a thought. let me know what you think! if you're interested, comment and i'll get you my email and then give you my phone number through that (cause i dont like just posting my cell number online) and we can work out times! (by the way guys, i dont think i can text outside the US...but if youre not american and you still want to work something out then we can. Like maybe i could send you a facebook message instead to tell you to work out or ask you how much youve eaten?)

lets start a movement guys!


  1. yes i love this idea! i totally know those times when all i need is a kick in the ass to get on track.

  2. I love it :) and i'm 100% down!
    And I obviously didnt mean that toward you hahaha
    Basically, when I feel fat, Im like well, stop complaining, you could of worked out! But just people that ramble on about nothing other than that... but you actually have very interesting posts and an interesting life, so its all good :)

    But this is my work schedule:
    F: 7am-2
    and then I have class after every day except friday, so basically, I'll be able to work out around 6:30ish at night. but I can text during class... not work, but any other time :)

    We can work something out :D

    Love ya