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Monday, November 15, 2010


today is my 100th post. WOOHOOOO!!!! i know i said i wanted to do something all exciting for my 100th, but i decided against it. way too lazy.

so, i've made it back from the BRINK OF DEATH. that's why i havent been posting, i know you all missed me ;)

so i had that sore throat right? and the doctor said it may have been strep even though all my strep tests came back negative? well after i went to that doctor, i had a horrible weekend at home and didn't feel well enough to drive back to school on sunday. skipped my first class monday, made it back to school, but felt too bad to make it to my other class for the day. Tuesday, i got up feeling like absolute shit, but somehow made it to all 4 of my classes. Wednesday, i wake up, go to french class, and toward the end of class, i start feeling sick. my antibiotics were kicking in and making my stomach hurt. i kept trying to breathe evenly and to get my mind off of it, but it just got worse and worse and worse....i rushed out of the room right before classes were over, and barely made it into the hallway before i threw up in front of everyone.

OK, so not THREW UP. i was somehow able to hold it in, but i was gagging and heaving all in the middle of the hallway...and of course i was in the one confusing building with only one bathroom and an apparent lack of garbage cans. anyway, this happened twice before i finally made it to the bathroom and just collapsed onto the floor and started bawling. i had had enough. my throat hurt like hell, i couldn't talk, i couldn't swallow, it was so swollen it was affecting my breathing, my ear hurt, my jaw hurt, and on top of this my medicine was only making me sicker. so i decided to go back to the immediate care here in town.

they should rename that to the "not-so-immediate-care"

i waited in the waiting room for 2 hours until the doctor could finally see me. then she came in, looked in my throat (as best she could considering i could barely even open my mouth) and got this real concerned look on her face before saying "this doesnt look like strep..." and hurrying out of the room. i could hear her talking about me and my symptoms to the other doctors and arguing with someone on the phone...

she comes back and tells me that i have what's called a peritonsillar abscess, and that i needed to drive 2 hours back home (to the bigger city) for emergency surgery. greatttt.

get home, spend basically all night in the ER getting an IV, pain meds, steroids, antibiotics, then they send me home and tell me to come back in the morning so that they could drain it.

go back the next morning and the doctor does drain it. i won't go into detail about how they drained it....i don't know how well you all deal with gruesome things. it was just not pleasant, lets put it that way.

well, the next morning i wake up, and the damn abscess is back. in full force....worse than ever. i have to go get it drained AGAIN. it was horrible.

luckily i have finally recovered, and i'm back at school. i've missed a shit ton of classes and work, but luckily my professors have been pretty understanding about it. i just have so much work to do now so please bare with me and my lack of posting.

finally got to see L again last night. his throat hurts. go figure. sad day, i really missed kissing him. hopefully he's not sick so that can resume as soon as possible =]

anyway, i couldn't eat at all while i was sick, i could barely even swallow liquids. the doctors have been weighing me at 142! WITH CLOTHES ON! I lost about 2 pounds in 3 days according to my doctors visits...hey, i'll take it! i've been eating a lot though now that i'm better. i have to eat a ton of yogurt to keep up with my 43 antibiotics i'm taking lol

ok, sorry for the novel of a post. just thought i would update you guys on my life. miss you ladies, and i'm still reading all of your posts. stay strong!


  1. Happy 100th!!
    I'm getting pretty close to my 100th. Its exciting.
    I'm glad that you are feeling better, I know what throat problems are like, I have always had issues with mine. On the plus side, and a bonus to the pain... You lost pounds!!!!
    Hope you remain getting better!

  2. OMG That should completely horrible.
    SO glad you're better now! and it's probably a really good thing that you went to "immediate care" otherwise it could have gotten reallllly bad.

    I hate when the guy i'm talking to is sick... it just really freakin blows lol.

    Hopefully he just has a cold and you can resume ASAP haha

    Love you :)
    Hope you fell 100% better soon :)


  3. oh my god that sounds so scary! i'm glad you're feeling better :) and hopefully L gets well soon tooo, congrats on 142!! love you xox