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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i wish i had something new to write about, but i just don't. nothing exciting is happening in my life at all.

i was feeling super skinny after thanksgiving (somehow)....but then, out of NOWHERE, i started my period. fab. well, that explains why i was feeling so skinny. now i'm feeling all bloated. and eating about 15 pounds of food a day.

i think i'm going back on birth control. i'm sick of not knowing when my period will be. And we all know i'm not having sex, and i'm not planning on it, but whenever i'm messing around with a guy, especially one that I really care for, like L, it just makes me feel better to be on the pill....just in case, you know? If i can't deal with having a little bit of fat on me now, it wouldn't go over well to gain a billion pounds cause i have a BABY in my stomach.

i'm afraid i'm going to gain weight again though.i'm going to talk to my OBGYN to ask her to put me on a pill that will hopefully help with that. i gained weight when i was on the pill, i can't have that again.

well, these are my last two weeks of class, then i have a week of exams. stress will be inevitable. i don't know if ill be posting a lot between then.

oh, and i'm going on a cruise over Christmas break. i want to be at least 137 before then. that's only 5 lbs down. i have about a month. totally possible. i'm getting back into my habit of not eating breakfast, and i'm slowly trying to weed out lunch too. i wanna get back down to like 800 calories a day. and starting tomorrow i'm hopefully going to start adding the gym back to my schedule. we'll see if i have time between the studying though. however, i really miss going to the gym and burning about 500 calories and seeing a net intake of around 300 or so for the day. i know that's still a lot compared to some of you ladies, but for me, that was incredible. i've never been able to fast. i'm not that strong. yet.

ok, well i have nothing else to post. have a lovely day :)


  1. Head to the gym! It'll make you feel better. I am on Ocella and haven't gained any due to the pill, and I think it is OK. Good luck for the cruise weight-loss, you can definitely do it.

  2. Water is basically sodium and potassium, and your period makes you retain sodium. A tip I've heard is to take potassium supplements and then you won't be so bloated. Of course, no period is better all together. I hope that you can find a birth control pill that works for you. PS: your blog take