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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

ughhh. i feel like death rolled up in torture. i just want to curl up in bed and sleep for the next week.

i'm sick if you cant tell. and i don't even really know with what. I spent the night with L again on Friday night, and he left his window open cause he likes his room to be cold when he sleeps. no big deal, i just cuddled up next to him, but i woke up in the middle of the night with a killer sore throat. I just dealt with it the rest of the night, thinking it would go away when i got up and got back to my warm room and drank some water. went back to my room, drank a ton of water, took all kinds of medicine, didn't help. NO big deal though, it wasn't too bad.

I went home later that day and surprised my parents. They were having this big annual fall party at our house and they wanted me home, but i told them i wanted to stay at school and watch our football game. Went home just in time for the party though, mom was thrilled. Anyway, my throat kept hurting, but i figured it was just because i was standing in the smoke from all the bonfires. took some medicine, went to sleep...well actually, mainly just lay in my bed suffering. i didn't sleep hardly at all. i was up basically all night in pain. When morning finally came around, i went to the kitchen to get some water, and as i was walking back to the living room, i got all dizzy and passed out. not really lost consciousness, but everything went black and the room was spinning. i laid on my floor for a while just too tired to get back up. my mom eventually came in and i managed to tell her that i needed to go to the doctor (as if she couldnt tell)

my sister drove me to immediate care, but i got probably the stupidest doctor i've ever met. He was african of some sort, didnt speak a lot of english, which wouldnt bother me if he was a good doctor, but he got everything i said completely backwards, and said some pretty idiotic things that I even know arent true. they ran a rapid strep test, which came back negative, so then they drew my blood for mono. passed out again. fun times. negative for mono too. So they swab my throat again to send it out for a culture, and the doctor comes back and says "well, we do know you have SOME type of bacterial infection, we just don't know what yet. I'm going to prescribe you and antibiotic for now, so i'll have to run a pregnancy test to make sure" ....pregnancy tests have absolutely nothing to do with anything. theres no reason for that. results come back, i'm not pregnant. surprise. i could have told you that, dipshit. then he says "you can still go to class if you feel well enough, because it's bacteria, it's not contagious."

false. just because it's bacteria, doesn't mean it's not contagious. Seriously, did this guy REALLY go to med school?!

anyway, i've been suffering since then, i have no voice, been dealing with fever, upset stomach cause of the antibiotics, still sore's been lovely. and i have one of the busiest weeks ever this week. i can't afford to be sick.

anyway, while i was at the doctor, they weighed me, and with clothes and shoes on i weighed about 144. then i went home and got on that crappy scale that i dont trust and it said 131. WHAT?!?! stepped off, stepped back on, it said 135. this scale always weighs me about 4 lbs less then what i actually am, meaning that i would actually be around 139. closer, but that still is super low. i'll take it though, i hope to goodness that's true.

i havent been able to eat hardly anything since saturday night. this morning i was able to get some yogurt down, but that's the biggest thing i've had, and now my stomach isn't feeling too great.

L keeps forgetting i can't talk and keeps calling me. Then when i don't answer he texts me and apologizes and says something like "i'm so sorry, i forget that you have no voice. how are you feeling now? i want you to feel better..." sweet things like that. of course, i'm sure he's also a little concerned because we've so obviously swapped my contagious spit. but he doesn;t feel bad at all, which i'm glad about, and thank the lord it wasn't mono. i would have felt so bad....

miserable. just want my voice back. i'll even take the pain, but tell me how i'm supposed to go to my french class and give an oral presentation when i can't even speak. this isnt fun. i just want to sleep. stupid college, how i wish you were like high school again and i could miss a full week of class without any major problems....

this is my 99th post. woohoo!!! so i'm thinking for my 100th post i wanna do something fun, like 100 things about me, 100 things i believe, 100 reasons why i want to lose weight....i dont know, i cant really ddecide what to do. am i being corny? tell me what you all think/give me some suggestions for the 100 things you would like to see me post. love you ladies, i've loved every post because of you all!


  1. Awww I hope you feel better! And yea the whole purging thing was a one time thing, I promise... Lol that stuff disgusts me

    thanks for always being there for me :) I realllllly appreciate it :)

    and how I wish I could move down and go to school with you!! We would have way too much fun:)

  2. Aw, I'm sorry girl. I am really sickly too. It sucks! Feel better :)