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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

so today ive had
naked juice (340 cals)
chicken noodle soup (150 cals)
total: 490 cals

im going to try to make it the rest of the day without eating anything, ill be so proud of myself if i can. not to mention my campus is full of hills, which i walked up and down three times today in 15 minutes with a heavvvvvvvvy backpack, so i probably burned some calories there. think i can make it the rest of the day? i hope so. this college food has been getting to me and im tired of feeling disgusting. i miss the feeling of my empty stomach. maybe ill go to the gym later too. todays the day im committing, getting back on my plan. its so much easier now that classes have started to eat less. so many excuses i can make for not eating like i already ate, ill eat later, too much studying, im going out, etc. its glorious. and now that i have a planned schedule, i can plan set times to work out every day. i feel and look skinnier already i think, and im on my period so im even bloated. i will be a size two. i will do anthing for it.

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