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Sunday, September 13, 2009

best day of my life

ok well yesterday was our first home football game at college and it was CRAZY. i got compeltely shitfaced and stayed that way for about 5 hours and oh. my. god. so theres this guy at school, ill call him "M" who is the sexiest guy ive ever seen in my life and im completely obsessed with him. well let me just tell you, when theres a guy i want, i will get him. haha that sounds completely cconceited and everything but i dont care, it almost always works out for me. so i see him at the football game, and he and are i flirting like crazy, but after the first quarter he leaves. so i decide at halftime im gonna go back to my dorm, hoping hes there. well, he was. he was with a group and about to go drink more and i saw him in the stairwell right in front of my floor, so i said hey and he asked where i was going and i said to my room to "take a nap." well, long story short, lets just say i got what i wanted. im no slut, dont get me wrong, just a lottttt of making out and a few happy hands on his part and oh shit it was the greatest night of my life. so, i just thought id post something a little far from the usual for once so you all can know what has been going on in my real life aside from the eating obsession. i know it was just a random hookup but ill let you know if anything else occurs ;) oh and p.s. the best fucking thing about getting fucked up, is even thugh the drinks have tons of calories, when im hungover i cant eat anything the entire day. its a great easy fast. yes yes yes!!

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