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Friday, August 28, 2009

ok so college. yeah. i lvoe it, but its hard when you feel as self conscious as i do. on one hand its great because a lot of the older girls that are here have completely bipassed the freshmen 15 and headed straight for the freshmen 50 (like no joke, its disgusting) but im trying to join a sorority so every day im surrounded by these tiny little girls that are so pretty and skinny and i feel so inferior around them. and it sucks because my roommate is a fucking stick i swear to you and she only eats the healthiest things possible which makes me feel like shit, espescially since she also works out all the time. i went and worked out today for a half hour cause that was all the time that i had and i got on the scale and it said 142 pounds, but i had all my clothes and tennies on so hopefully i havent actually gained that much. ANYWAY, ive set a new goal that i like to call the freshmen 15 (original, i know) but, instead of gaining 15 pounds, i want to lose 15 by the end of this semester....or sooner if possible. its gonna be hard cause there is so much to eat around here and none of it that healthy, but im gonna do my best, so your support is greatly appreciated!! that worst part about all of this is that i cant blog much, it would be so ahrd to hide it from everyone, and even harder to find thinspiration pictures, so please bare with me, cause i may not update for a long while, especially my thinspo site. anyway, im getting ready to take part in a little thinspo of my own, going to another sorority party with all the skinny girls, wish me luck, wish me strength to stay away from food, and i wish it all back to you, KEEP LOSING GIRLS, YOURE AN INSPIRATION TO ME TOO!!

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