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Monday, August 17, 2009

please excuse my french...

today was a very bad day. i was home alone for the day today, and so i had complete control over what i was eating. i didnt eat anything until two when i decided to have a single slice of pizza and two mozzerella sticks which, if my guestimation is anywhere near accurate, is around 400 calories. not necessarily wonderful, but i figured, since my mom-who makes dinner every night- would be going to take our dag to the vet right after she got home from work, that i would be on my own for dinner, so i wouldnt feel pressured to eat anything. WRONG. life never works out that way. she called my dad and had him bring home qdoba (OHSHIT) for the two of us. just a little bit of insight into myself, if there is one food in this world i literally CANNOT resist, its a chicken queso burrito from qdoba. words cannot describe the orgasm that took place in my mouth when i bit into that burrito. HOWEVER, being the complete fatty that i am, i ate the ENTIRE thing. as if that werent enough, at 8 oclock tonight i decided that since my diet had already been shot to hell for the day anyway, i would have three scoops of chocolate ice cream, bringing my calorie total for the day up to....hmmm....lets see here.....COMPLETE FATASS! i was just begining to notice a difference in my body today too. the scale had been telling me i'd lost two pounds, but now im positive ive gained it all back. why cant one day ever just work out for me? so, with that said, please-all those feeling my pain of a complete failure of the day- lets all say it together, in unison now' "FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!"

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