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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

fighting the freshmen fifteen...

so ive been ignoring this blog lately becaue i just recently moved into college (YAYYYY) and so far its been going really great. everyone has been so nice and ive met a lot of really cool new people which makes me so unbelievably excited and the good thig is that most people here arent even that skinny. ive been trying to eat healthy since ive been here but its kinda hard when there is literally free food EVERYWHERE and its all pizza and cookies and chips etc. but yesterday for dinner i had grilled pork, sweet potatoes, a salad, steamed vegetables, and water to drink, which i feel like is a pretty helpful meal. of course, i did go out and drink some that night, so it really probably did me no good. right now our work out center is only open at times when i cant get there, and thats really frustrating, but i live on a campus with huuuge hills and steps everywhere so im trying to get my work out there until classes start and the work out center is open 24/7. im having a great time, and i hope everyone else is doing really great! wish me some luck!

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