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Sunday, August 7, 2011

I really need to gain control again. Like forreal. I know Ive still lost weight this summer, but all of the sudden it's like I've just stopped caring. I'm eating like crazy. Not really crazy amounts, honestly, but horrible choices. Well, and the amounts aren't really that great either I guess. When I started this summer, I would wake up late, eat maybe a bowl of cereal or a yogurt parfait, then eat one helping at dinner and that would be it for the day. This week, i ate:
3 pieces of pizza
About 6 cookies
5 Reese cups
2 biscuits
3 slices of bacon
A grilled cheese
Bourbon chicken with lots of rice
Apple juice and orange juice instead of water
A slice of chocolate cheesecake
Cheddar and sour cream chips
A chocolate donut
A waffle house waffle
2% milk
Mcdonalds cheeseburger
Small fries
Another cheeseburger (home grilled this time)

Yeah....that's all I can think of right now. Of course, that was over a full week, and I was at the lake for 3 days which is where my diet just goes out the window and I eat whatever my family eats, but still. I could have made much better choices.

I broke down and bought a matching bra/undies set from victorias secret the other day. I like them a lot, but I still look in the mirror when I wear them and feel too fat. I don't see my muscles like I want to. I feel like I have no torso lol...I'm so short that any belly fat on me makes me look like I go straight from boobs to legs! Haha

Side boobs frustrate me SOOOO much. I mean....I already had a reduction about 3 1/2 years ago, but I wish I would have gone a little smaller! I'm so sick of companies not making bathing suits for huge boobs. Even at victorias secret, the bras in my size are so HUGE. They have like 4 clips in the back! Really?! I don't need 4 clips! And they never make cute ones in my size always has to be like black, white, or nude. Seriously, I'm a normal sized woman. Just because I have big boobs doesn't mean I don't like to wear cute things!

Lol ok my ranting is done now. I haven't weighed myself yet cause I'm a little apprehensive to see that I've gained instead of lost....but I think tomorrow morning I'll suck it up, weigh myself, and update you all.

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